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New To Cloth Pads & Menstrual Cups?

Reusable cloth pads and menstrual cups are the comfortable alternative to disposable period products. Learn all about how to use GladRags cloth pads here and explore information about menstrual cups here.

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Good for Your Body

All-cotton pads are naturally free from irritating synthetics and chemical gels found in conventional disposable products. Try reusables for a more comfortable period.

health benefits

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Good for the Planet

The average menstruator will send up to 16,000 disposable pads, pantyliners, and tampons to landfills. Good thing you're not average.

environmental benefits

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Good for Your Budget

Buying disposables means wasting money on trash. GladRags and XO Flo last for years, so you save money every month. Now that's something to smile about.

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Aug 9, 2017
Lisa Marie
This is how I spent my Wednesday night! Writing my code on pamphlets to hand out and eating ice cream! #gladrags1 #gladragsambassador #xoflo #noperiodshame

Aug 4, 2017
Did you know that the first usable commercial menstrual cup was patented by Leona Calmers in 1937? But it wasn't until 1987 when The Keeper came out and became the first commercially viable version. Today, there are many different versions and sizes from a lot of companies. Surprisingly, the product is little fairly unknown or even feared by people who get their menses. We are so used to pads and tampons, which are made with plastic and use a lot of harmful chemicals. Tons of those single use menstrual products eventually end up in, you guessed it, landfills. Personally, I discovered menstrual cups about two years ago but didn't really have the courage to use them myself until last year. I haven't looked back since and I've been trying to convert my friends, too. I've been successful on some more than others. What's your menstrual cup story? #thekeeper #divacup #intimina #menstrualcup #lilycup #lunette #mooncup #evacup #femmecup #femmycycle #fleurcup #ladycup#lena #meluna #organicup #sckooncup #rubycup #shecup #sibell #superjennie #yuuki #xoflo

Aug 3, 2017

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