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GladRags Cloth Pads

GladRags Cloth Pads are comfortable, easy to wash, good for the environment, and will save you money, too! Soft and breathable, you'll never suffer through the chafing and irritation of disposable pads again. All pads are available in a variety of colorful cotton prints or natural organic cotton.

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Cloth Pad Laundry Kit
Price: $119.99

Cloth Pad Sampler Kit
Price: $94.99

Color Day Pad
Price: $14.99

Color Day Pad Plus
Price: $16.99

Color Night Pads
Price: $19.49

Color Pantyliner
Price: $12.49

Color Pantyliner Plus
Price: $13.49

Color Thong Pantyliner
Price: $13.99

Deluxe Pad Kit
Price: $199.99

Deluxe Pad Kit Plus
Price: $213.99

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