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GladRags Community

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GladRags Community

GladRags Community

One of the coolest things about reusable menstrual products is the way they help us shift our thinking to become more in touch with our bodies. GladRags users the world over have a powerful connection to each other as women who are honoring their bodies and the environment. We hope you'll join our community by having open conversations that were once taboo, spreading the word about GladRags and menstrual cups, and most of all celebrating your body and the amazing abilities it has!

Read on for suggestions to spread the word and help more women discover the power of reusables:

Share a Video Tutorial or Testimonial

There are few forms of media more powerful than a video! Help us create an amazing video gallery of our fans sharing tips and testimonials about reusable menstrual products by submitting your video here. Talk about your tried-and-true way to launder your pads, or tell the world how switching to a menstrual cup has changed your life -- as a community, we can empower and educate women everywhere to make the switch, too!

Be our Monthly Friend

Each month on our blog, we share a profile of a woman who uses alternative menstrual products. The Monthly Friend feature is a great way to strengthen our community and show that women with all kinds of lifestyles have chosen reusables! Being a Monthly Friend is fun and easy, too. Just click here to view past Monthly Friends, then send us an email with your answers to the survey questions. Don't forget to attach a photo!

Write a Rave Review

Why do you love your GladRags? Are you most excited about shrinking your environmental footprint? Or about finally being free from the monthly irritation caused by disposable pads? Every woman who uses our products has a different story. We want to hear yours! Add your voice to the many testimonials on our website or share your experience on Facebook.

Be a GladRags Guest Blogger

Do you have some thoughts on menstruation that you are just dying to get off your chest? An environmental living tip that would change the world? A funny story about your GladRags? Maybe you're a daily blogger or maybe you just want to dip your toe in the blogosphere, but now you have the chance to sound off on GladRags Gab with your own blog entry! Download our easy blog post submission form and email it to us to get started!


Want stores in your area to carry GladRags, The Keeper, or the Moon Cup?

Let them know! Fill out a comment card next time you shop or write a letter to the manager if you want to see GladRags on the shelves of your local stores. Print out and sign our sample letter, or write your own letter urging your favorite store to stock GladRags. If you want, follow up your letter with a phone call to really let the store know you care about the kinds of products they carry! Download our sample letter (.doc) to send to stores in your area. Download Here »

Download a GladRags Poster

Spread the word about reusable menstrual products by taping up this poster in ladies' rooms everywhere! At your dorm or at work, there may be plenty of women who still rely on uncomfortable disposables; help them find a more sustainable way by printing this downloadable GladRags poster.

Spread the Word

Show your cloth pad & menstrual cup pride with fun, free stickers and pins and help spread the word about reusables. Snap a photo of your GladRags swag decorating your locker, laptop, or lapel, and we'll share it with the community on the blog or Facebook!

Host a Period Party

What if we didn't dread "that time of the month"? What if, instead of "dealing with" our monthly flow, we celebrated the natural rhythm of our bodies? What if periods were fun? Have a period party and promote positive attitudes toward menstruation in an exciting and inviting way! For tips and tricks on planning your own period party, download this helpful document. Download Here »