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Cloth Pad Sampler Kit

An excellent start to any pad user's collection available in a variety of fun and colorful styles.
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  • Description

    New to cloth pads? The Cloth Pad Sampler Kit is a great place to start! For most women, this kit contains enough pads to cover you for part of your cycle. You'll get to try our Day Pads, Pantyliners, and Night Pads and discover which ones are the best fit for your body and your flow. Tote them on the go in your Carry Bag, and make sure nothing gets lost in the wash with the Mesh Laundry Bag! 

    The Pad Sampler Kit contains:

Review Snapshot

Average Customer Rating (based on 23 reviews)

Loved this kit!

  • By: Georgia Verified Buyer from Toronto, ON CA on August 14, 2016

I was told by my doctor that once I had my IUD installed, I wouldn't be able to continue using my menstrual cup, which was unfortunate because I loved having a sustainable and eco-friendly period. Luckily, I found Gladrags, which has saved me from having to buy menstrual products each month! They're comfortable and easy to wash, and I couldn't recommend them more.

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So much better than conventional pads.

  • By: Jojo Verified Buyer from Muncie, US on September 9, 2016

These pads were well worth the price. I have used them for just one cycle so far, but they are SO MUCH MORE COMFORTABLE than conventional pads. I used them alone for the first day of my period, and used them as backup for my Moon Cup for the rest of my period. They are soft and breathable, and left me feeling much more fresh and comfortable than disposable pads. I highly recommend this product.

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  • By: katieg Verified Buyer from Lynchburg, US on April 10, 2017

I am so surprised at how much I love these GladRags. I have just started peri-menopause and had grown weary of using pads. Sometimes they weren't enough, but often I had to throw them away practically unused. Plus, there was such an odor, it was disturbing. While I was nervous that I would bleed thru these GladRags, I never have. I use the inserts and have never bled thru all the inserts. It feels great on my bottom and I don't experience any odor. So surprised and happy that I found these.

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