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Cloth Pad Pre-Soak Kit

A starter selection of comfy cotton pads plus laundry products to keep them like new!
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Worth the invetment ~

  • By: TheeOrganicMechanic (tm) Verified Buyer from Seattle, WA US on February 17, 2014

Thank you again for providing thoughtful, effective, comprehensive products.The pail is ideal for discreet and effective pre launder soaking. So many women don't know or have forgotten this safe and sane method of natural hygiene. There are so many endocrine (hormone) disruptors and carcinogens in mass marketed feminine hygiene.

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Fantastic starter kit.

  • By: Anne Verified Buyer from Indianapolis, IN US on June 8, 2014

This kit is well worth the purchase! It arrived just in time for my period, and it was a much happier and healthier period than I'm used to, as with disposables I often get infections. And these are so much less noticeable than regular pads and pantyliners! No more diapers! The Bac-Out helps a lot, but it's not a miracle remover. And the bucket sits inconspicuously near my toilet; it's very convenient. Be careful about what size you purchase. I feel I have a pretty heavy flow, but when my package arrived, the size of the larger day pads and standard/only size night pad were much larger than I expected or need. Customer service has been wonderful about working with me to get the right sizes I need. Thank you! I will never use disposables again, and given the quality of the product and service, I'll never need another company either. :)

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  • By: Gyance323 Verified Buyer from Port Jefferson, NY US on February 25, 2014

I was a bit nervous to start with cloth pads, so I went with the kit to give me everything I needed. SO glad I did! Everything is great - the soaking bucket is a great size - bit enough to fit used pads from that day yet small enough to fit on my bathroom counter during period week and under the sink the rest of the month. Highly recommended!

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Love it, but there is always room for improvement!

  • By: TerraDactyl Verified Buyer from New Braunfels, TX US on April 8, 2016

The days pads with both inserts are a bit bulky, so you can't wear leggings without having a bulge. My flow generally isn't too heavy though so I can get away with wearing one most of the time. I LOVE the panty liners! They are super absorbent! Everything did stain a bit, but not as bad as I thought. The bac-out really helps :)

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Never going back to disposables!

  • By: Wyrt Wicce Verified Buyer from Fort Davis, TX US on October 9, 2014

I completed my first cycle a couple of weeks ago using only Gladrags, and I couldn't be more pleased. They are very absorbent (I have a very heavy flow for two days, and the day pads with both inserts were perfectly sufficient), they don't give you that unpleasant diaper feel or smell, and that enzyme cleaner really does the trick. It's an easy job to stick them all in the laundry bag and run them in the machine, and then they're all ready for the next time.

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  • By: Meg Verified Buyer from Barrie, ON CA on May 2, 2016

An amazing way to start off my cloth pad experience, easy to clean and maintain. I have personally had very little staining, easy soaking and laudering (actually a bit of fun to take care of). Feels extremely comfortable, although a few millimetres thicker than a disposible with 2+ inserts, it feels like a cushion to sit on. (None of that sticky pastic chafing you or itching). Have had zero major leaks, only ever needed 2 inserts during my heavy half changing every 4-6 hrs (Still wear your ugly period panties though ;) ). Excited to save money going into University by not having to purchase pads every month. Colours make me excited to have my period (you'll understand). I purchased this kit as well as the Heavy-flow kit, only have to launder them twice (heavy at the start then the light at the end). I also recommend the wet bags that they have for extra storage or for long trips. Thanks for reading! Enjoy your pads!

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Best investment!

  • By: Cammy Verified Buyer from Montreal, QC CA on May 15, 2015

I was looking to switch from disposable pads and needed an entry level kit that would be all inclusive. I opted for the Cloth Pad Laundry Kit and picked the Crisom designed. And I was not disappointed! The designed were lovely and even better the quality excellent! My fears about lickage were dispelled, I even had a lower flow and the fabric was soft and exceeded my expectation and truly made that time special. I'm really fond of the Crison design and wish I could buy additional pads with this design. The soaking container was right up my alley and the biodegradable soap perfomed well (no stains were left). It was worth every penny!

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Make the Switch - It's Worth It

  • By: Never Going Back Verified Buyer from Champaign, IL US on August 24, 2015

Making the switch to cloth pads is the best thing I've done for myself. I was apprehensive about cleaning, and just how absorbent they'd really be, but so far I've been very, very pleased. I have sensitive skin, and would dread my period for how uncomfortable I would be regardless of how frequently I'd change pads. That's virtually gone thanks to cloth pads. The laundry kit has a good mix of pad sizes, and I enjoy the bucket and Bac-Out. My husband appreciates having the opaque bucket, and the Bac-Out prevents that tell-tale "I'm on my period" bathroom odor that can occur when using disposables. I had some issues with defects, but customer service was fantastic and sent me replacements immediately. This was definitely an investment, and I had to save up for it. It's worth it, and I'm already saving up to buy the deluxe kit!

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Good so far

  • By: sep780 Verified Buyer from LeRoy, MN US on July 10, 2015

I've only had the one period since I bought these & I didn't use them the whole time. I do recommend this kit for anybody wanting to try out Glad Rags. I'll be buying more myself (slowly due to limited funds). For now, I'll use disposables for emergencies & while travelling only. (As I get more comfortable, I may quit using the disposable pads entirely.)

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They're okay.

  • By: Tatiana Verified Buyer from Nashville, TN US on May 6, 2016

Do they keep you from leaking all over your clothes? Yes. Do they keep your underwear clean? No. And I use a menstrual cup. But even the smallest amount of liquid seems to wick from the glad rag onto my underwear. I haven even tried wearing the overnight pad (the one that is as large as a diaper) and my underwear is stained within a few hous. For comparison, I usually only wear disposable *pantiliners.* So--the diaper like glad rag protects my underwear less well than a disposable pantiliner. Its literally as if the glad rag material "wicks" the blood straight to my underwear. It works less well than *the bathroom paper towels I've been forced to use in an emergency.* I'm not even kidding. It feels like there is just a design flaw to these. Its not that the pads aren't absorbant. I use the pantiliners daily because at my age, sometimes I umm, leak urine. (There, I said it.) They're great for that. But for my menstrual cycle, these are pretty useless.

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