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Cloth Pad Pre-Soak Kit

A starter selection of comfy cotton pads plus laundry products to keep them like new!
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Not sure it's worth the price

  • By: fabrag Verified Buyer from Fountain Valley, CA US on February 29, 2016

I'm really glad I've decided to do away with disposable pads. That said, I'm not sure how I feel about a $119 cloth pad kit that doesn't come with enough pads for at least five days... I have to keep washing pads as I go so that I have enough for the week. Also, the "bac out" presoak solution isn't any better than regular soap.

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Love these!

  • By: medamom Verified Buyer from Huntingtown, MD US on January 24, 2016

I bought these for my teen daughter and she loves them! She will never go back to disposables. I'm back on the site to buy more for her. I just wish I had known of these before!

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So happy I made the switch!

  • By: Katie Verified Buyer from Long Island, NY US on December 10, 2015

This is my second cycle since making the switch to cloth pads and a mooncup (which I'm still getting used to). The pads are great! They are so comfortable and I feel so much cleaner than when I was using those sticky, irritating disposable liners and pads. Clean up isn't a big deal at all. Just soak them with backout and put them with my regular laundry after a couple days of soaking in water. Thanks gladrags!

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Useful but not ideal

  • By: NeMom Verified Buyer from Lincoln, NE US on October 30, 2015

Loved the pail and not breaking out for the first time in over a year before the end of my period. Had trouble with the smaller pads shifting so I had leakage. It is a nice way to try a variety of pad sizes Also found the standard pad where they went in the envelope harder to know if they needed to be replaced

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Best way to celebrate my daughter's transition to womanhood

  • By: Momof3girls Verified Buyer from Palatine, IL US on March 2, 2017

After years of disposables I decided no more and purchased a cup and pantyliner. Best envirofriendly decision ever! I then decided that my three daughters would use only reusables. When my first daughter started her flow I had her pick out her own pretty designs and it really made the transition special and beautiful. The thought and care that went into designing this kit is remarkable. These are high quality products that are made to last. It's a well worth investment and brings dignity to womanhood. Try and see for yourself!

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Definitely glad I made this purchase

  • By: Anne Verified Buyer from Washington, DC US on February 27, 2017

As a resolution for myself, I decided I wanted to create less waste. I had been looking at reusable pads for a while, since I don't feel super comfortable using a Diva Cup, and GladRags was one of the first companies that popped up in my search. I am so glad I pulled the trigger a month and a half ago and made this purchase. This is the perfect starter pack for anyone looking to begin using reusable pads. They are super comfortable and easy to clean and wear. I haven't had to use the night pad yet, but the day pads and the minis are perfect. The only qualm I've had is in certain underwear, they have flipped around to the snap side during use, but luckily it was toward the end of my cycle. The Bac-Out smells great and the Soaking bucket is super easy to store under the sink or in a nook or cranny of your bathroom. These are so much more comfortable and better for the environment than disposable pads!

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Great start!

  • By: TinyP Verified Buyer from Allentown, PA US on January 23, 2017

This is a great way to get started. The pail, bag. and Boc-out solution make laundering easy and successful. The pads are soft and comfortable and have stayed in place for me. I also ordered a menstrual cup with my kit so I'm not sure if this would have otherwise gotten me through a whole period without doing wash a lot, but it was a good way to sample different sizes and complimented my cup well. First period in 18 years I didn't make any garbage! It felt good! I wish more directions came on the Boc-out, I would recommend Glad Rags make more detailed information available explaining laundering (how much solution? How long can it sit safely? Etc) I recommending hanging or lying pass flat to dry. They balled up on me in the dryer. Not a huge deal but you have to smooth them out again to not lay weird in your undies. I love the inserts and how I can adjust the protection. Super cute and soft fabric! Good craftsmanship on the stitches. Definitely worth the price for hand made.

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Incredibly worth it!

  • By: Dez Verified Buyer from Groton, CT US on January 22, 2017

I was initially nervous about dropping the money on the pre-soak kit, but it was the best deal I think possible. Pros: the pads don't feel itchy like disposables. They don't bunch up the same either. They're soft and clean fairly easily. I don't have immediate access to a washer/dryer but the little pot that comes with the kit is a perfect little mini washer! After soaking, I throw in some detergent & shake to wash them! It's a bit extra work but very, very worth it for the comfort these pads provide. Cons: I hadn't realized how large the night pad was. I've not needed it. I kind of wish I had chosen a value kit that didn't include it. One of the liners also twists quite a bit while wearing it. Not all of them do, so I wear that liner as a backup when wearing a menstrual cup, or on a very light day. Overall, I do not regret my purchase! I'm infinitely more comfortable than I ever have been on my period, and it feels great to be environmentally-friendly as well.

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Best kit for your Switch over

  • By: AraRC Verified Buyer from El Paso, TX US on April 24, 2017

As a new switcher from cloth to disposables this kit is defiantly a great choice. You got cloth pads and items to help clean them with. All the items were wonderful and the small little paper guides are especially helpful to a new person making the switch. Thank you so much GladRags!

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