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Oh Joy Sex Toy Giveaway!

Welcome, dear perverts! We're so excited to team up with Erika Moen at Oh Joy Sex Toy to offer you this special giveaway. There are so many things you can put in and around your vagina... we would be honored to be your source for a few of them!

Erika came to our office recently to talk about her Moon Cup, GladRags pantyliners, and her "period bucket." Sadly, every instance of Erika saying the word "butthole" didn't make the cut.

Erika happens to be married to a pretty awesome dude (hi Matt!), who came by the GladRags office to give his opinion on reusable menstrual products, too. Be warned: this video is pretty intensely adorable.

And there you have it: Erika & Matt's seal of approval. We hope you're sold on the idea of giving reusable menstrual products a try, too -- it may change your experience of menstruating! Remember: the Moon Cup and all GladRags cloth pads have a money-back guarantee, in case you determine they're not the best choice for your body.

More importantly: what if you buy your own and then win the giveaway? Don't worry, you can always give one to a (new) friend!

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