The Moon Cup

The most popular menstrual cup made in the USA, the medical-grade silicone Moon Cup is the perfect choice for eco-minded women with active lifestyles.
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    Comfortable and eco-friendly, the soft medical-grade silicone Moon Cup collects your flow rather than absorbing it, so the vaginal tissues aren't dried out as they can be with disposable tampons. The Moon Cup can last up to ten years, saving you hundreds of dollars in disposable products!

    The Moon Cup Size A is designed for women who have given birth vaginally or are over 35 years of age, while the Moon Cup Size B is meant for women who have NOT given birth vaginally.

    The Moon Cup features a long stem that you may choose to trim if needed. Please wait to trim the stem until you've tried the cup for at least a few days, as the position of your cup may change as you adjust to using it. Do not remove the stem completely.

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My second Moon cup

I just ordered my second moon cup. I have been using one for years. I don't spend a ton of money on tampons that I use to and it allows me to feel cleaner. Easy to use than others I have tried and lasts a long time.

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working out the kinks

I've only gotten to use this for two cycles and I have mixed feelings. I do feel some added pressure from the cup which makes my cramps worse and I have been having some problems with leakage, which doesn't happen all of the time, but does happen even when I've been very attentive to placement putting it in. The tab was too long on it and so I cut the end off and now it sometimes pokes at me. I wonder if I'd be happier with a lunette cup with is not as stiff and more flexible and also has a solid tab as opposed to the hollow one,

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Life Changing Experience

First let me say that I have PCOS with cycles that come and go when they please and can be exceptionally heavy. Before I was shown GladRags, I was spending half a fortune on tampons and pads. It was hard to go anywhere and do anything. There were clots that neither one of the two could catch, so there would be leakage and stained clothing. It was miserable! The Moon Cup gave me my life back. It was a bit weird to get used to the first few days, I won't lie and say it was a piece of cake. But all of that got easier the second day. You quickly get used to how you have to pinch and maneuver it. Trust me, it is well worth getting used to it. There's little leakage, only on my really heavy days were it's hard to keep up, but most of that comes with medical issues rather than typical period. I can sleep without fear that my mattress will be soiled with blood! I can go swimming in the ocean! I can work! I can go out for dinner with friends, or out to a gathering.

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The BEST purchase I have ever made!

(22, no children, size B Moon Cup) My cup arrived while I was going through my cycle so I was able to use it immediately. Since it was the first try I decided to do the insertion in the shower. Once I got the hang of using it and the correct positioning, I had no leaks! For me that was a huge deal because I have a heavy flow and can go through a lot of pads and tampons, both of which would cause irritation for me. I could never feel the Moon Cup when I was using it. I love that it doesn't upset my natural balance and I don't have to worry about toxic shock syndrome. It also feels so much more sanitary! No more damp feeling. There is also no strong blood scent when using the cup. I plan on telling all my friends about this amazing product. Now I'll never have to make a desperate run trip to the store for tampons again! I LOVE MY MOON CUP! :D

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Highly recommend this!

I purchased a Size B Moon Cup several cycles ago after realizing how many tampons I was going through to keep up with my flow. One of the best things about the cup is that you can practice inserting it and taking it out before you start your period. I found this video super helpful, and ending up finding that the second insertion method worked best for me: As another reviewer mentioned, I also ended up trimming the stem on mine after some painful pinching issues. I haven't had many leak issues; they've only occurred if I didn't insert it properly. On my heaviest days, I only need to empty it twice - so much better than the 4-5 tampons I used to go through! I don't ever want to go back to tampons - the Moon Cup is so much better and more sustainable! Highly recommend it.

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In love with my moon cup ♥♥

I love the mooncup. The first 2 days felt disconfort with the stem, i decided to cut it and it. Now i no longer feel the pinching sensation on my lady parts. No leaks, easy removal and insertion. Happy with my purchase!!! Highly recomended

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