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Lunette Aine Cup

Aine is the goddess of the moon, love, and fertility -- and the name of this cheerful coral cup from Lunette!
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Lunette Cup

Made from medical grade silicone, this soft cup is comfortable and convenient!
Kit Color Options
Make it a Kit! info Make it a Kit! Save $$ when you make it a kit! Note: Pantyliners Plus are longer and wider than standard Pantyliners.
Size info Size Model 1: Light to moderate flow; younger women

Model 2: Normal to heavy flow

Lunette Selene Cup

A lovely blue version of the Lunette Cup, back by popular demand!
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Lunette Cynthia Cup

The Lunette Cynthia is a beautiful wine colored version of the familiar Lunette!
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Model 1 is designed for light flow and holds 25 ml of fluid.  Model 2 is designed for normal to heavy flow and holds 30 ml.

Additional sizing suggestions from Lunette:
Virgin: Lighter flow (1), Heavier flow (1)
Teenager: Lighter flow (1), Heavier flow (1 or 2)
Young woman, has not given birth: Lighter flow (1), Heavier flow (2)
Young woman, has given birth: Lighter flow (1 or 2), Heavier flow (2)
Adult woman, has not given birth: Lighter flow (2 [or 1]), Heavier flow (2)
Adult woman, has given birth: (2 [or 1]), Heavier flow (2)
Short vagina: Lighter flow (1), Heavier flow (1)
Active sportswoman, e.g. pilates, yoga: Lighter flow (1), Heavier flow (1)
The soft silicone Lunette is manufactured in Finland and is a great alternative to disposable products.  The Lunette cup collects your flow rather than absorbing it, so it won't cause discomfort from dryness like tampons can.  Comfortable and easy to use, most women can't even feel the cup once inserted!  The Lunette cup can last for years with proper care, saving you hundreds of dollars!  Detailed instructions for use and care come with your order. 

"Aine [EYE-nah] is the Goddess of moon, love, fertility and Midsummer in Irish mythology. She was later known as an Irish Fairy Queen. Aine is also a Finnish word that means "substance" and "matter". And this cup really matters! The beautiful coral color is one of the trendiest for the upcoming season and a beautiful homage to this goddess of summer."

Please note: the Lunette cup cannot be returned.


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Love Love!

By: Breeze from Denver, CO US on September 7, 2012

"Having the Lunette cup makes my period a breeze. I don't have to think about it until I go to bed since you can wear it up to 12 hours. No more soggy tampon strings! Or wondering if I'm leaking. Cause I'm not with my trusty Lunette. I find it very comfortable to wear while biking and I've even been swimming without any worries! I can't believe I was so grossed out by the idea of a cup back in the day. I will never go back to using or wasting money on tampons now."

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Seriously happy

By: Roxie from Peterborough, NH US on December 27, 2012

"I have been using cloth pads for years, ever since I found that my severe discomfort during my period was actually caused by an allergic reaction to over the counter feminine hygiene products. Needless to say, I've never been able to use tampons, and tried sea sponges for a short time and did NOT like them. I was skeptical of the menstrual cup at first, and it took me almost a year of going back and forth before I decided to try it. I am SO glad I did. I actually purchased the Moon cup first, and after trimming the stem, fell in love. A friend told me to try the Lunette, and I wanted an extra for times when a good rinsing wasn't convenient (like in public restrooms!) and I love this cup even more! Did not have to trim the stem, it is comfortable as is; material is softer, and it seems to set itself into place a little easier. I would HIGHLY recommend trying the Lunette Cup if you are thinking at all about menstrual cups. "

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Lunette cup / small

By: Sedna.Pearl from Boston, MA US on March 13, 2013

"Excellent! I have been using Diva cup for years, the largest size possible because I have heavy periods. The large, rigid Diva cup literally ripped me up inside. Very, extremely painful. The Lunette small, is a lot smaller, holds less fluid, and is super soft and pliable. I have to remove it more often, but it is not shredding my insides. I am petite and have a tiny "V". I debated switching to something smaller thinking it wouldn't stay in, but it does. Lot's of advertising for any menstrual cups claim they do not leak. That is simply untrue if one is a heavy bleeder. If it is full, where does it have to go? Of course it will overflow and leak. Duhhhh! That's not a problem for me, I do wear a pad only at the heaviest point, just to be sure. I can imagine a women with light or normal periods don't have to worry about that. Huge, huge difference. It is very hard to find the size that fits, it's not like buying shoes. If you are tiny, try the small size."

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better than tampons or pads!

By: Jen from syracuse, NY US on November 16, 2012

"This was the best investment I've ever made when it come to this stuff. There's no leaking! I don't even have to wear liners and I use it overnight too with no accidents whatsoever! "

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Love the Lunette Cup

By: Mariko from Orange, CA US on February 8, 2013

"I've been using the Moon Cup Size A for 3 years now and recently switched to the Lunette Cup Model 1. It fits well, hasn't leaked at all, even though my flow tends to be on the heavier side, and is extremely comfortable. The softer latex material really makes a big difference for me. I trimmed the stem a little less than half the total length because it was too long for me and now I haven't had any problems. Love the coral color too!

I love that I can go camping, swimming, do yoga, and climb without any trouble or worry at all! I switched to reusables when I was 19 (I'm now 22) and it has made such a positive impact on my life, no more worrying about disposable products and the chemicals they contain. No matter what your age, if you menstruate, making the switch to reusables is worth it!"

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Aine lunette cup

By: AjahTheAsian from Las Vegas, NV US on June 1, 2013

"I absolutely LOOOOVE this cup! I'm a first time user, but I am never going back to costly, littering tampons/pads!

The small model 2 size is perfect for more petite builds and I have experienced no leakage unlike conventional menstral products! With the high grade scilicone cup, you dont feel a thing, and I Adore the coral color as it is fun and spring like :)

Will definitely refer this product To a friend. Might even get a second one!"

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Good product, some leakage...

By: luckycharm from Seattle, WA US on August 10, 2013

"I really like this cup, the material is quality, it's very comfortable to wear. I have some discomfort with insertion/removal, but I also suffer from lichen simplex chronicus and vaginismus, so do not think this is a fault of the product. I do however, experience some leakage from this cup. I think it's a bit large for me (I got the larger size since I'm over 30, but haven't had children) and that could be the problem, I may try a smaller size cup to see if it fits better when wearing."

13 of 17 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful to you? Yes | No

Comfortable, but confusing

By: Maran from Denver, CO US on August 1, 2013

"I have only used the cup once so far, so this review may not be the most helpful. The material is great, nice and soft, and you can't feel it while it's in. However, I had a heck of a time getting this puppy out! I would be squatting and pushing hard in the bathroom for 15 minutes trying to get it, and my hands would be covered in blood afterwards. Not quite what I was expecting! I got the smaller version, as I haven't given childbirth and I'm a small woman. I have a very heavy flow the first 1-2 days and I leaked twice while using this. I have to say the color is much cuter online, in person it looks more brownish and rusty. I am not discouraged, though, and excited to give it another go on my next period! I was also in a different country which wasn't ideal for trying a new product like this. "

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So Glad I Made the Switch!

By: emicort from Hudson, OH US on July 10, 2013

"I really love this menstrual cup. The color is great, of course, but what I love most is the usability.

First of all, this was my first foray into the world of menstrual cups. I toyed with the idea for a long time, but finally decided to take the plunge. And I can't stop recommending it to everyone else who menstruates!

It takes a bit to get used to placing a cup at first, so don't get frustrated! Take a deep breath, relax, and try again.

I love this product because, unlike tampons, it rarely leaks. Once it's in, the suction is so strong that I don't have to worry at all. I wore a cloth pantiliner at first, but now I don't anymore.

I often have trouble getting the cup to open completely during the actual insertion, but I will usually get it in the correct place, then it will open as I walk out of the bathroom. I've never had a leak due to this. It always comes through!

I love the flat tab. It makes it very easy to remove.

Thank you so much!"

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Great product

By: Sonshine from Edwardsville, US on April 17, 2013

"This is only my second month using my Lunette cup. It definitely takes some getting used to. I love the convenience of it, I love that I don't have to worry about having tampons with me. I'm still working on getting it situated correctly every time, so I do have some slight leaking, especially on my heavy days. Overnight on my heavy days I have to wear a pad for back up. Other reviewers have said that the cup reduced their flow, I haven't noticed that yet, but I'm hoping. "

12 of 17 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful to you? Yes | No

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