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Light Flow Kit Plus

The perfect starter kit for light flow, with extra coverage!
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  • Description

    This kit is tailored toward women with a lighter flow, and includes washable cloth pads and pantyliners in your choice of colors -- who says your period has to be boring?! For lightest days, use our Pantyliner Plus. On more moderate flow days, try the Day Pad Plus with one or two inserts. Or use just the Day Pad Plus holder for an ultra-thin liner. Stow everything in your carry bag or wet bag, and you're good to go!

    The Light Flow Kit Plus includes:

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Light Flow Kit Plus

  • By: Bonita J├╝tte Verified Buyer from Comox, BC CA on August 27, 2015

I like the option to have a mix of pads, I purchased this for my sister for her birthday and she loved that there was a variety, and I loved keeping it a surprise without having to guess which pad pattern would be her favourite. I have personally used gladrags pads, and would just caution users to use fingers to separate the snaps, not pull on the pad 'tabs' as it will tear the fabric around the snap...not an easy mistake to fix either. My sister LOVES the smell of lemon grass so though she hasn't used the stain remover yet, the fact that it smells great and is biodegradable is an A+ for her, as she likes to be environmentally friendly and also likes to camp. The fact that this kit comes with a moon cup, 'wet pad ready' discreet carry bag, washer/dryer bag to not lose your pads, a stain remover stick and pads is GREAT! Definitely recommend for all the young/mature ladies out there. :)

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