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Color Night Pads Plus

Our classic Night Pad holder paired with two full-coverage inserts for a super absorbent pad!
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  • Description

    The Night Pad Plus is our largest, thickest pad for the times when you need extra protection. GladRags' Night Pads Plus have the same absorbent holder as our classic Night Pads, and feature extra-large inserts that extend to the length and width of the holder. Customize your absorbency by using one or both inserts. Great for postpartum, overnight use, or light incontinence.

    Includes 1 holder + 2 inserts.

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Severe Irritation Problem Solved

  • By: nothanks Verified Buyer from Macon, US on March 4, 2017

I had a horrible, itchy, scaly red rash all over my nether regions that every time I got under control, I would catch my period & it would blow up again. So I looked on my bag of pads for the ingredients to see what was doing this & was horrified to find NOTHING on the package. For all I know, there could be wood pulp, arsenic, & ground fire ants in there. That's when I started looking online for an alternative & I found out about Glad Rags. I was skeptical - I have a flow that just goes everywhere. I was worried that I would bleed through so I got the overnight plus which I use as my daily pad (I have a couple of normal size ones that I use as my liners for "light" flow) & it's been a few months now & I'm pretty happy. It takes a little bit of planning to make sure your pads are ready when you are but well worth not having an embarrassing & uncomfortable "problem" down there anymore.

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Works great

  • By: Lin Verified Buyer from Chicago, IL US on May 24, 2017

As someone who is approaching menopause, my cycle has definitely changed the last couple of years. I have a heavier flow, and due to the type of work I do, I can't always get to the bathroom as frequently as would be ideal. The night pad works great for those couple of really heavy days.

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