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There are so many reasons to choose resusable cloth pads or menstrual cups: environmental sustainability, allergies or chemical sensitives, saving money, comfort... the list goes on and on. One common thread for many women who choose GladRags over disposables is the attitude shift or connection to their cycles, which turns menstruation into a more body-positive experience. Read on for stories of how cloth pads and menstrual cups have changed women's lives for the better!

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I have tried other reusable pads, but GladRags are the most comfortable. The people who work at GladRags are really nice too. ...Continue Reading
Count me a convert to the Lunette! I wish I'd bought one years ago. When I first opened... Continue Reading
GladRags are amazing! I cant say enough good things about them! I really wish I had started my period with them... ...Continue Reading
I like to wear a pair of clogs that are silent when I walk on a hard surface. In addition to... Continue Reading
My only regret is, I wish I'd found this product sooner ...Continue Reading
I am so pleased with my Gladrags which I have used for 16 years ...Continue Reading
My 12 year old daughter just started her menstrual cycle. As a single father I thought why not start her out on the right foot ...Continue Reading
In the last few months I rediscovered GladRags cloth pads and ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM ...Continue Reading
I happily used GladRags for many years. I have now reached that special age where I do not have to use them ...Continue Reading
Last night was my first time trying the Lunette cup and WOW! this thing works ...Continue Reading
This is any travelling woman's best friend. As a traveler of the world, I can honestly say that this is the best $35 I've ever spent ...Continue Reading
The Moon Cup is easily the 2nd best thing I've ever put in my vagina. :) ...Continue Reading
I am so glad I made the change and that my daughter will end up with natural pads ...Continue Reading
I love the GladRags and Diva Cup! Both ecofriendly alternative to pads and tampons ...Continue Reading
My periods are much more comfortable and shorter since I started using GladRags ...Continue Reading
I'm really glad that I started using GladRags. What I like best is the range of products available ...Continue Reading
I just want to say how happy I am with this company! The products are great, and if there is a problem they will stand behind their products 100% ...Continue Reading
I LOVE these pads! I have used the same ones this whole time and they are still going strong ...Continue Reading
Wow!! I wish my period had always been this easy! No leaks, no odor, no discomfort ...Continue Reading
I just started using the GladRags pantyliners and the Keeper menstrual cup. I am in love ...Continue Reading
I've been using Glad Rags for 20 or 25 years...any woman should have at least 5 or 10 ...Continue Reading
Thank you for GladRags! I have been using these since the early '90's and have never looked back ...Continue Reading
I have been using my Moon Cup for almost 3 years, and I love it. I will never be without it again ...Continue Reading
I admit to snickering when I read a testimony, "How did I live without these"? Well, I am here to say that I agree with that lady. ...Continue Reading
I don't know how much money I have saved, but it has to be in the $100s ...Continue Reading
I can't fit everything I want to say in a review! I've been using GladRags for almost a year now and never use anything else ...Continue Reading
I've been a happy user for over one year now. While I still have heavy flows, I don't have as many cramps, which is amazing ...Continue Reading
Wow! My second cycle using GladRags, and I already can see what the raves are all about ...Continue Reading
I just returned from a six-month trip in the Southern Hemisphere and The Keeper was a savior ...Continue Reading
Just wanted to add my voice to all the women who love your product. I bought my first set in 1996 ...Continue Reading
It is so much more comfortable than tampons are, especially at the end of my cycle ...Continue Reading
I find The Keeper very handy when traveling and camping too ...Continue Reading
I'm 22 years old now, and the money and garbage I've saved in 6 years makes me feel good ...Continue Reading
Well, I will never use disposables again if I have the choice. My GladRags are so much more comfortable and easy to use ...Continue Reading
10 Years with The Keeper...That's a lot of money saved ...Continue Reading
I just started using the Lunette cup a few months ago, and it has sincerely been life-changing for me. ...Continue Reading
The Bucket Kit was my first GladRags purchase. I think this kit is great because it gives you the chance to try all of the cloth pad styles that are available. ...Continue Reading
Just switched from tampons to sea sponges, and I wouldn't want to do anything else now. ...Continue Reading
Tampons have always leaked for me, even with a light flow, but the cup does not....It is also much more comfortable than a tampon or pad! ...Continue Reading
It's comfortable and never fails me. I feel good about it's impact on mother earth and my body. Thanks GladRags!! ...Continue Reading
No more disposable tampons filling the landfill! My body and the Earth thank you GladRags!! ...Continue Reading
No trash, no waste, no discomfort. Lovin it :) ...Continue Reading
I have to say that I love my carry bag almost as much as I love my GladRags! ...Continue Reading
I started using Glad Rags during the summer of 2004. Seven years later I'm still using those same pads and just today added three more to my stash! ...Continue Reading
Do you need a spokesperson? Ok, maybe I'm not that kind of person, but seriously... I cannot say how glad I am to have these products!!! ...Continue Reading
The most amazing fact was how long I have had my GladRags. I couldn't remember until I found that receipt..... it's been over 17 years! Thanks for a great product. ...Continue Reading
I've used your products since the 1980s or '90s. Fantastic product! And I LOVED all the new stuff I got. ...Continue Reading