How to manage a leaking menstrual cup

What makes a menstrual cup work?

To do its job properly, a menstrual cup needs to be positioned beneath the cervix to catch menstrual flow, and needs to form a seal against the vaginal walls to stay in place. Finding your cervix is a good idea, since this can help you make sure you're aiming your cup correctly when inserting it. In order for the rim of the cup to press against the vaginal walls and form a seal, it needs to be fully opened.

3 anti-leak moves


When you insert a menstrual cup, you need to make sure that it’s popped open completely once its inside your body. Some people can feel the “pop” and some people can’t. You may need to run your finger around the outside of your cup while it’s inserted to see if it feels completely open and round, or slightly smushed or flat on one side. If it feels a little flat, you’ll need to reposition or reinsert the cup. XO Flo is unique in that we’ve added inner interlocking rings that add stability to the body of the cup to ensure it pops open easily!


This helps if your cup is sort of flattened or if it’s simply not quite in the right position. To perform the shimmy, grip the base of the cup (or the base of the stem) between your thumb and index finger and gently wiggle the cup back and forth to help your cup find its perfect position in your body and allow room for the cup to fully expand.


The twist can be a bit controversial in that it is super helpful for some, while simply impossible for others. It’s worth a try if you’re new to the world of menstrual cups and have already tried the above tips. Just grab the base of your cup and rotate it gently within your body. For most, a slight twist is enough, but some can turn it most of the way around. Either way, it can help your new menstrual cup form a seal and prevent leaks!