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GladRags Community

One of the coolest things about reusable menstrual products is the way they help us shift our thinking to become more in touch with our bodies. GladRags users the world over have a powerful connection to each other as women who are honoring their bodies and the environment. We hope you'll join our community by having open conversations that were once taboo, spreading the word about GladRags and menstrual cups, and most of all celebrating your body and the amazing abilities it has!

Read on for suggestions to spread the word and help more women discover the power of reusables:

Apply to be an Offical Ambassador

You’re passionate about reusables, and so are we! Maybe your favorite part is the money it saves you, or maybe it’s reducing your environmental impact. Whatever your favorite part is, we think you should tell everyone you know why you switched to reusable cloth pads or a menstrual cup! As a GladRags Ambassador, we'll provide you with the tools to spread the word, connect with other passionate ambassador, and special monthly challenges and prizes. We have two ambassador groups, one for moms and one for college students. 

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Connect with us on your favorite social platform to stay in the loop about new products and special offers, and get to be a part of the awesome community of women who choose to reuse!

Write a Rave Review

Why do you love your GladRags? Are you most excited about shrinking your environmental footprint? Or about finally being free from the monthly irritation caused by disposable pads? Every woman who uses our products has a different story. We want to hear yours! Add your voice to the many customer testimonials about cloth pads or share your experience on Facebook.

Be a GladRags Guest Blogger

Do you have some thoughts on menstruation that you are just dying to get off your chest? An environmental living tip that would change the world? A funny story about your GladRags? Maybe you're a daily blogger or maybe you just want to dip your toe in the blogosphere, but now you have the chance to sound off on GladRags Gab with your own blog entry! Download our easy blog post submission form and email it to us to get started!