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XO Flo

12 hours of comfortable period protection!
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  • Description

    Say hello to XO Flo! With proper care and use, your XO Flo can last for years of period protection that's better for your body and the environment.

    XO Flo is a soft, internally-worn reusable menstrual cup made with body-safe medical grade silicone. XO Flo collects (rather than absorbs) monthly menstrual flow. Your XO Flo may remain in the body for up to 12 hours at a time, unlike a tampon which must be changed more frequently.

    When removing the XO Flo, grip the stem as high as possible, as the smallest bead is there to help you locate your XO Flo, but is not designed to be tugged.

    What makes XO Flo different?

    • XO Flo holds more fluid (38 ml) than most other cups due to its rounded shape and high, slanted release holes.
    • XO Flo’s soft beaded stem is designed to be both trimmable and super comfortable when left untrimmed.
    • XO Flo’s patent-pending inner support rings help pop XO Flo open once inserted—no need for a thick, uncomfortable rim like other cups. Support rings also ensure easy removal.
    • XO Flo is made in USA with smooth, flexible medical-grade silicone. 

    Should I get the XO Flo or XO Flo Mini?

      Generally those with heavier flow, higher cervix and those who have given birth will prefer the original XO Flo. The XO Flo Mini may be best suited for lighter flow, low cervix, a sensitive bladder, or those who haven’t given birth. Whether or not you've tried menstrual cups before, we’d be happy to point you in the best direction based on your individual needs. Simply contact us for assistance!

    Review Snapshot

    Average Customer Rating (based on 92 reviews)

    Total. Game. Changer.

    • By: CELizabeth Verified Buyer from Portland, OR US on July 4, 2018

    My first cycle using this cup was while I was on vacation and as someone with a medium to heavy flow, my experience was above expectations. Instead of having to pack/carry multiple tampons, pads, etc with me all day long...constantly worrying about where the closest bathroom is or if I was leaking...I was free to insert the cup in the morning, experience a full day of walking and visiting with friends and family, then simply doing a rinse/re-insertion at the end of the day. I still haven't mastered it so it still "pops" open and takes my breath away for a second, but my next cycle starts in a few days and I have a feeling that I'll get the hang of it soon. Not only does the XO cup work wonderfully, it's such a relief knowing that I'm not adding a ton of waste and garbage to the landfills! I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking for a more eco-friendly and secure method to periods.

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    Love my XO Flo!

    • By: XOflo4life Verified Buyer from Costa Mesa, CA US on April 30, 2018

    This is the first menstrual cup I have ever tried but there is no need to try another! Never buying tampons again- as with the first time I ever used a tampon, it took a little practice to insert properly but it only took a few tries to figure out. Super comfortable, no leaks. I love not having any trash to worry about and no accidental overflow. I feel like I have a lot more control over my period now.

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    Good for strenuous activity

    • By: Kat Verified Buyer from Stamford, US on April 6, 2018

    It takes a cycle or two to get fully used to it, and I do find that it can increase my cramps. With that being said I love it. I practice martial arts and yoga and it doesn't leak after heavy impact falling or serious stretching. Best of all it doesn't itch like tampons did for me.

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    Odd But LOVE IT!

    • By: Felicia F. Verified Buyer from Kentwood, MI US on March 27, 2018

    This is the first time I have ever used a menstrual cup but I am absolutely loving it! However, it is odd. Putting it in and taking it out was a bit difficult but I know with time I will get much more used to it. My period changes from time to time going from heavy to light and this will work perfectly no matter what happens. I would highly recommend this for anyone looking to switch from tampons!

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    Very large ... but some pros

    • By: Abi Verified Buyer from Chicago, IL US on March 5, 2018

    I've been using Lena cups for the last year, and have been very satisfied with them, but wanted to try this partly out of curiosity and partly because I do have to empty my Lena cups (even the larger size) multiple times on my heavier days. So, pros: -opens pretty easily. Easier than the Lena cups, I think -large capacity. If you have a heavy flow this will be nice. -comfortable when it's in -no leaks -doesn't fold/leak because of how I' moving/sitting (this does occasionally happen with my Lena cups) Cons: - it is really large. I haven't given birth, and this cup is almost too large for me. It is difficult to insert and remove (it's hard to fold it small enough, sometimes a bit painful to remove) - the smooth rounded bottom can make it a bit tricky to grasp when removing. The Lena cups have ridges at the bottom which I like. - the inner rim makes for slightly more difficult cleaning. - would be nice if they had colors : )

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    Waiting for the Smaller Fit - But Very Satisfied with GladRags

    • By: MCD123 Verified Buyer from Boston, MA US on February 26, 2018

    I was so excited to start using a GladRags menstrual cup as my first go-round in sustainable period practices! Unfortunately, the cup wasn't the right fit or size for me. I am so looking forward to the mini coming out. When I talked to GladRags about it not fitting properly, I was met with total understanding and I worked with them to order various products that work for my body and period, namely overnight pads. Despite not being able to use the cup, I have valued my experience with this company

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    Could have been a great product but...

    • By: Liza Verified Buyer from Philadelphia, PA US on February 13, 2018

    The XO Flo broke while I was trying to remove it. I followed all the proper instructions and the tail snapped on me. Spent half my day in Urgent Care getting it removed. I really wanted to love this product but after the nightmare of a day I've had I can't give it a good review. Customer service was quick to reply though.

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    Too big for me

    • By: jewelgem Verified Buyer from Charlottesville, VA US on February 6, 2018

    Gladrags has only one size of menstrual cup, which is fine, but doesn't work for me. I love that it doesn't leak (compared to my lunacup), but the rounded bottom and flimsy stem makes it much more difficult to grip securely, so that I'm afraid of dropping it while emptying it in public restrooms. Thicker stems on other cups generally don't bother me, and I know this is different for everyone, so YMMV. Personally, this cup is just too big for me! It's so rounded that it actually puts pressure on my urethra and prevents me from peeing properly - I have to take it out every time I want to pee, which completely defeats the purpose of having a menstrual product that can stay in for 12 hours. I think I'll go back to using my lunacup and keep this one as my backup. Thanks Gladrags, but this one just doesn't work for me!

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    Love it!

    • By: Dawn Verified Buyer from West Kelowna, BC CA on January 26, 2018

    The seal on the cup is almost perfect and only on the first day or two of my period do I need to wear a liner. I love how long you can leave it in for! It's extremely comfortable. I haven't used a cup before but I has no trouble inserting or removing it.

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    OK, but...

    • By: Lucy Verified Buyer from Pittsburgh, PA US on January 20, 2018

    I bought an XO Flo to replace my Lunette that I dropped into a public self-flushing toilet... Oops! That’s a hazard I hadn’t thought of! Anyway, I like the smooth sides and larger capacity... but this thing is HUGE. Like, I can barely pee with it in, and it hurts if I don’t fully fold it up before removing it, which can be a little messy. I also have a lot of trouble getting it to re-expand when I insert it, I have to wiggle it around a ton and kind of push and pull until it goes back to shape. I think that wouldn’t be as much of a problem if it had more than 2 vents, it seems like it just gets suctioned in place and won’t expand...I think Lunette had 4 vents? Idk. I’m pretty disappointed, really, and I’ll give it a few more months, but I think I’m going to go back to Lunette.

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