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GladRags Ambassadors

You’re passionate about reusables, and so are we! Whatever your favorite part is (saving money? Helping the environment?), we think you should tell people why you switched to reusable cloth pads or a menstrual cup! Everyone deserves to know their options when it comes to their period, and word of mouth is one of the best ways to find out. That’s why we’ve got a special team for those who want to spread the word - the GladRags Ambassadors!

GladRags Ambassadors share their enthusiasm with others through social media and one-on-one communication. The program includes creative actions to carry out and fun challenges to participate in, giving members the opportunity to win prizes, earn free GladRags products and goodies from our partners, and get a discount code for to share with friends and family.

With great rewards comes a dash of responsibility, of course. Ambassadors commit to a 6-month cycle (starting in January or July), including the following:

  • Participating in a minimum of 6 Ambassador actions
  • Engaging with the ambassador community in the private Facebook group
  • Regularly talking about periods, GladRags, and reusables on social media and in person 

Sound good? Great! All that we require is for you have experience using reusables (cloth pads and/or menstrual cup), and that you have Facebook and at least one other active public social media account (Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc).

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