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Color Pantyliner Plus

A longer, light absorbency pantyliner for light days or every day!
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    Many of you love our pantyliner, but needed extra coverage. Enter the GladRags Pantyliner Plus! The most comfortable solution for light flow, menstrual cup back-up, or every day use, this slim pantyliner provides plenty of light absorbency coverage without any bulk. 

    Our Pantyliner is equivalent to a small disposable pantyliner. Our Pantyliner Plus features additional length and wider wings for extended coverage.

Review Snapshot

Average Customer Rating (based on 73 reviews)

Great solution to an age old problem.

  • By: Efowler Verified Buyer from Hannibal , NY US on June 27, 2018

This liner is a perfect length. It provideds great coverage without being bulky. I love that I have been able to eliminated all those liners going into the trash without sacrificing my piece of mind. I use this product everyday and I’m never looking back.

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Moves too much

  • By: ABC Verified Buyer from USA, FL US on March 30, 2018

Every time I sat down it would slide back so far it wouldn't serve its purpose, and showed clearly through the back of my pants. Unusable. I'm happy I purchased this heavily discounted as a first time customer.

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  • By: Sophie Verified Buyer from Brussels, BE on January 3, 2019

I'm really happy I bought the 'color pantyliner plus'. I don't have a strong flow, so I use them for my period. I bought them because I would like to reduce my plastic footprint. They are very soft and the size of the pad (length and width) are perfect. The only negative is that the flaps are too lose for me. They hang down in a U-shape below my crotch. Still, despite that, they stay in place, so I'll keep using them.

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