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XO Flo

12 hours of comfortable period protection!
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  • Description

    Say hello to XO Flo! With proper care and use, your XO Flo can last for years of period protection that's better for your body and the environment.

    XO Flo is a soft, internally-worn reusable menstrual cup made with body-safe medical grade silicone. XO Flo collects (rather than absorbs) monthly menstrual flow. Your XO Flo may remain in the body for up to 12 hours at a time, unlike a tampon which must be changed more frequently.

    When removing the XO Flo, grip the stem as high as possible, as the smallest bead is there to help you locate your XO Flo, but is not designed to be tugged.

    What makes XO Flo different?

    • XO Flo holds more fluid (38 ml) than most other cups due to its rounded shape and high, slanted release holes.
    • XO Flo’s soft beaded stem is designed to be both trimmable and super comfortable when left untrimmed.
    • XO Flo’s patent-pending inner support rings help pop XO Flo open once inserted—no need for a thick, uncomfortable rim like other cups. Support rings also ensure easy removal.
    • XO Flo is made in USA with smooth, flexible medical-grade silicone. 

    Should I get the XO Flo or XO Flo Mini?

      Generally those with heavier flow, higher cervix and those who have given birth will prefer the original XO Flo. The XO Flo Mini may be best suited for lighter flow, low cervix, a sensitive bladder, or those who haven’t given birth. Whether or not you've tried menstrual cups before, we’d be happy to point you in the best direction based on your individual needs. Simply contact us for assistance!

    Review Snapshot

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    • By: Marge Verified Buyer from St Louos, MO US on January 4, 2018

    Just got my xo flow today and when u took it out of the package, I was a little scared! It appeared bigger than the menstrual cup that I already own and I was doubtful that it was going to fit and fit comfortably. After inserting the xo flow I can say that I am very impressed!!! Although it appears larger than the cup that I have used previously I couldn't feel it at all! I am very impressed and hopeful that my entire experience from here on out with be just as great.

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    Game Changer

    • By: RN24 Verified Buyer from Denver, CO US on December 27, 2017

    The Xo Flo cup is a game changer. I was super skeptical about menstrual cups, I thought the whole idea seemed messy and uncomfortable. But Xo Flo changed the way I will menstruate forever. I was very surprised about how easy it is to use, and actually how mess-less it was! I had zero leaks, and can almost forget about my period entirely because You only have to change it every 12 hours. This is the first anxiety free period o have ever had! I didn’t worry about bleeding through tampons, or liners, leaking, or any of that! I even slept without waking up to a big mess. I am never going back.

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    Massive cup!

    • By: MeganM Verified Buyer from Denver, CO US on December 26, 2017

    I have used a moon cup for several years and loved it! I decided to try this cup so that I would have a backup cup. This cup is a disaster! It is huge! It is impossible to tell if it has opened up and formed a good seal. I feel like it is pressing on my cervix. When I use this cup it feels like my bladder is full and I can’t get it emptied. I would not recommend this cup.

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    An amazing product

    • By: Shakti108 Verified Buyer from Olathe, KS US on December 18, 2017

    Though this product took a couple of tries to get the insertion process correct, after I inserted it correctly I could not feel the product at all in my body. I actually wondered if it were still there a couple of times after I used the toilet, so I had to look. There was no leakage at all with proper insertion and I have an IUD so I worried how the IUD placement would be affected by inserting an item such as the XO Flow. I felt the string of the IUD (a copper one with a longer string) every time I removed and reinserted the product so I felt confident the IUD was still in place and doing its job. I am confident that this product will work cycle after cycle and I never once had to empty it in a public place, even though I flow heavy. I was able to wear it for an entire 12 hours and feel confident that I would suffer no public embarrassment. Thank you for an excellent product GladRags.

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    Really a stellar cup

    • By: larkral Verified Buyer from Minneapolis, MN US on November 26, 2017

    I've used a variety of cups in my menstruating life -- the original brown rubber Keeper, the diva cup, and when I left my cup behind while traveling, I was excited to buy the XO flo based on the recommendation of Oh Joy Sex Toy. I could not be more pleased with the cup. The biggest impact for me is the difference between the hollow straw of a tail on all the prior cups I've used, and the lovely bauble tail of the XO Flo. It's much more comfortable when it's in, and easier to grab onto and ease out. I loved this cup so much that after using it for one cycle, I had to back the kickstarter for the XO Flo Mini because I can only imagine how useful it will be for women of all shapes and sizes. Good work, GladRags!

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    Love it

    • By: Khadijah Verified Buyer from Ventnor City, NJ US on October 18, 2017

    I tried MeLuna cups they are not as comfortable as XO Flo cup. I’m glad I got this XO Flo cup! It’s very comfortable and you don’t feel like you wearing it.

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    An amazing upgrade!

    • By: Grace Verified Buyer from Florence, IT on August 17, 2018

    I had been using a softer cup for 6 years, usually with a panty liner because it would leak a bit. I have a strong pelvic floor and my new XO Flo is just perfect. Even during the first days on my period it lasts several hours. Sometimes it climbs up a little but it's just because of my muscles moving. I love it!

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