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Greenblooded: An Introduction to Eco-Friendly Feminine Hygiene

A fun introduction to the world of reusable menstrual products!
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  • Description

    Softcover, 12 pages.

    If you’re new to reusable menstrual products, you’ll love the user-friendly reviews of cloth pads, menstrual cups, and sea sponges in this zine made by Cathy Leamy.  Each product type has step-by-step instructions on how to use it, plus the pros and cons — complete with cute comics, of course!  Greenblooded makes a great resource for introducing friends to eco-friendly menstrual products, and thoroughly explains (in a fun, no-pressure tone) the impact of disposable products in terms of waste, resources used, health, and cost.

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Prrrty rad

  • By: Jille Brzezinski Verified Buyer from -, PA US on February 10, 2013

As a zine collector and writer this zine is out together really well and has super accurate information. it really shows you the facts and options with all aspects of feminine hygiene down to the nitty gritty.

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