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Cloth Pad Sampler Kit

An excellent start to any pad user's collection available in a variety of fun and colorful styles.
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  • Description

    New to cloth pads? The Cloth Pad Sampler Kit is a great place to start! For most women, this kit contains enough pads to cover you for part of your cycle. You'll get to try our Day Pads, Pantyliners, and Night Pads and discover which ones are the best fit for your body and your flow. Tote them on the go in your Carry Bag, and make sure nothing gets lost in the wash with the Mesh Laundry Bag! 

    The Pad Sampler Kit contains:

Review Snapshot

Average Customer Rating (based on 23 reviews)

Excellent alternative

  • By: Jenny Verified Buyer from Champaign, IL US on September 9, 2012

I'll admit that I have seen Glad Rags ads in various magazines for years and thought that I would never go the reusable pad route. However now in my late 30s I have come to have a lot of discomfort and irritation with traditional pantyliners and night time pads and was looking for something new. I bought the pack that had pantyliners and some daytime use pads. I love the cute designs and after the first month of adjustment I am sold. I found them easy to use, wash and transport from work in my purse. Gladrags are comfortable and I did not notice a smell. I changed Gladrags as often as I changed disposable pads and they were comfortable and did not leak through, even on my heavy day. I will not go back to disposable pads again. I wish I had tried these years ago.

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Problem Solved

  • By: Briarhurst Verified Buyer from Oakton, VA US on December 2, 2012

The synthetic, disposable pads tend to make me itchy after several days of use. GladRags solved the problem. I do not get itchy while using them. I did start using them with some trepidation: it is nice to toss your mess away and walk off never looking back (though my addition to the garbage stream over the years has bothered me). And I admit I have not switched completely to GladRags as I can't quite see carrying around a heavily soiled pad, waterproof case or not. However, after the heavy days, or if I am home during heavy days and at night on heavy days, I am all GladRags (until I run out and until I do a wash). They are far more easier to deal with than I expected. They clean-up very easily and come clean. They are also very comfortable to wear, especially the light day pads.

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Positive Experience

  • By: KA Verified Buyer from S, TH on October 8, 2012

I appreciate not wearing plastic and not contributing to the landfill every month in this way. Gladrags' customer service was a terrific help when I was considering my options, and they shipped them immediately so I could take them on my trip. The "dark colors" bleed in the wash so I prefer the lighter designs such as the butterfly, which does show stains but not much. I currently live in the tropics and soaking in water overnight leads to smelly decay, even with changing the water frequently, so they must be washed thoroughly every day here. A bit of a time commitment but worth the hassle to avoid putting more plastic into the environment. Gentle, breathable and comfortable. Highly recommended.

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Love these, never going back!

  • By: MJ Parker Verified Buyer from Berkeley, CA US on May 10, 2013

I really love glad rags, they have really changed the way I feel about that time of the month. They are comfortable and it feels good not throwing something more into landfill. It takes 1-2 cycles to figure out how many to use when, but then it's easy after that. Keeping them in an old pot filled with water has worked fine as well after use. If you don't want to see stains, I would recommend the dark pack. I also got the special detergent, though I think using any non-scented type with no dyes/softner would work just as well. Loved the customer service as well, will definitely buy more once needed :)

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Wonderful Product

  • By: Varesha Verified Buyer from Pasadena, CA US on October 19, 2012

These pads don't stick to you like regular ones do. I've been using them for 7 years now and would never go back to the disposable ones! Such a great idea, so good for the earth and so much more comfortable for me!

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Not what I expected

  • By: auntflo Verified Buyer from Minneapolis, MN US on September 4, 2013

I tried the cloth pads on my heaviest flow day and they just couldn't hold up. Even doubling the liners I leaked onto my underwear after less than two hours. I ended up using a disposable liner under the pad to prevent leaks. Would recommend only for lighter flow days or for dainty gals who hardly bleed. On a positive note, the pads were very soft and well-made.

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I'm a convert.

  • By: Cait Verified Buyer from Saint Louis, MO US on March 1, 2014

I use a progestin only birth control so I consistently spot throug hout the month. I had been feeling like I was at the end of my rope until I purchased these. I love my gladrags and won't be going back to reusable, there were a few things that I perhaps would change but overall an A-. The pantyliners, the best choice for how light I am most days, slip around the crotch of my panties themselves when I'm sleeping or wearing cute (ie most Victorias Secret Pink) panties so I do somewhat wish they were maybe shaped more like the overnight pad. I love the day pads, my only issue has been that I have to make sure they don't bunch up in my buttcrack at work and make my yoga pants look lumpy. The overnight hasn't been needed much but I will say it's bigger than my underwear mostly but I wear an xs or s so I'm ok with busting out the ugly panties for sleeping since it means I can cuddle without fearing for our sheets (or his pjs).

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Great Pads!

  • By: Liz Verified Buyer from McMinnville, OR US on October 15, 2013

Love these cloth pads! The kit was a good amount to get started with. I haven't used the wash bag--I don't feel it is necessary. The travel bag is handy to use. Since you should launder them daily, I haven't felt the need to have any more, this amount has been just about right (I also use the Lunette cup on my two heavy flow days and love it!).

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