A New Cycle

Your guide to a better period, naturally!

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    Do irritability, bloating, cramps, and moodiness leave you wishing your cycle would just disappear? In this collection of essays by women’s health experts, you’ll discover natural techniques to alleviate these common menstrual maladies and enhance your feminine vitality all month long. With perspectives ranging from Ayurveda to uterine alignment, you’ll be given the tools you need to take control of your health—naturally.

    122 pages, paperback.

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  • By: GirlWilly Verified Buyer from Beaverton, OR US on June 19, 2014

I have recently discovered a more natural way to deal with my periods through using cloth pads. When I saw this book and realized that there was more I could do I was excited. I ordered the book and read it the day it showed up. It's a quick read and easy to understand. I liked that there are journal prompts at the end of each chapter for reflection. It really helps you to think of and asses your period. At first I didn't think every chapter would apply to me but everything did! I will be referring back to this book over and over! It's something I'll share with my daughter when she is ready too.

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  • By: Wild Woman Speaks Verified Buyer from Burlington, VT US on July 21, 2014

A New Cycle is the guide to menstruation that ever young woman should have the chance to read as she approaches her menarche. It addresses menstruation full spectrum and empowers women to gain body awareness rather and love themselves, breaking the cycle of women giving their power away.

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Bible for girls

  • By: Martha Verified Buyer from Bergen, NO on December 29, 2016

I absolutely loved the information in "A New Cycle". It should honestly have been taught in schools worldwide so that girls learn that their bodies are normal! I recommend this to everyone!

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