Cloth Pad Sampler Kit Plus

An excellent start to any pad user's collection, now available in our equally fun & colorful Plus sizes!
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    Ditch the disposables and try the Cloth Pad Sampler Kit Plus! With a selection of our pads in extra-coverage sizes, you'll get to discover which styles are the best fit for your body and your flow. Use the Carry Bag to take your pads with you wherever you go.

    The Pad Sampler Kit Plus contains:

    Choose to add optional accessories to your kit and save money versus buying items separately:

    • The Basic Laundry Set includes our favorite stain remover stick and a mesh laundry bag.
    • The Pre-Soak Set includes an enamelware soaking container and Bac-Out, an enzyme cleaner.* 

    *Please note: we are unable to ship the Pre-Soak Set outside of the USA. International orders will have this item removed and refunded.

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Just Spend the Money!

  • By: Jeanne Verified Buyer from Sheffield, PA US on March 13, 2015

Once I heard about these I debated because of the cost--we are a single income family and these seemed like an unnecessary purchase. I did some figuring and realized that financially and landfill-wise these are a necessary purchase! They are so comfortable and absorbent. Haven't had a leak yet. I thought I'd be grossed out having to clean them but it truly hasn't bothered me at all. My only issue has been trying to figure out where to hang them to dry so that everybody in the house doesn't have to see them!

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Just made the switch

  • By: Patsy Verified Buyer from East Orange, NJ US on November 22, 2014

I was very impressed with the Overnight Pads for my day wear and the Day Pads Plus for regular flow. I leaked through using the Overnight Pads for overnight wear. I was disappointed

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My favorite pads!

  • By: Cloth pad fan Verified Buyer from Defiance , OH US on January 13, 2018

I have tried three different brands of cloth pads and these are by far my favorite! Love these pads!

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Happy Buyer

  • By: Rag Hag Verified Buyer from Salem, OR US on August 5, 2017

I like my order, it arrived quickly and I like the designs. It takes some getting used to all that extra fabric in your pants and I'm always a little nervous it will be visible but it's probably not. I really like the stain remover that was included in the kit, it makes washing much easier. The only thing I don't like about the cloth pads is I ordered the plus size accidentally and they're much too big. And with only the one clasp they don't feel very secure in my underwear. But generally, I like my cloth pads and it has changed the way I think about my period. And it just feels great to know you've had a waste-free cycle!

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New to cloth- very pleased!

  • By: EmMarie79 Verified Buyer from New Castle , US on January 1, 2018

I am new to the world of cloth pads and was definitely nervous. But I decided to buy the sample kit and try it out. I love it! I'm sorry I didn't make the switch sooner! Some personal/specific information; I only have heavy flow for 24 hours and my entire period only lasts 3 days. If I were someone with a very heavy, long period, this pack would not be enough. I find that during my period I'm washing these daily or every other day to ensure I have some always clean. I really love the pantiliners and wear them daily. They stay in place, are super comfortable, and are adorable to boot! I would definitely recommend these! I have recommended them to several of my friends already!

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Wish i had made the switch years ago!

  • By: Captain Crimson Pants Verified Buyer from Syracuse, NY US on October 4, 2017

I got the limoncello print.LOVE IT! I am a heavy flow gal (like leak all they way to waistband at night) and i didn't have problems getting the stains out. Buncha Farmers is a great, long lasting value! Love the liners for everday and period. Night pad made for a very comfortable sleep compared to disposeables. Want to order more. Try it! Great value!

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So Happy With My Purchase

  • By: JoAnn Hudson Verified Buyer from Brownsburg, IN US on February 21, 2018

I have been trying out cloth pads for several months. Glad Rags have become my favorite! I will never go back to disposable pads & liners again. Using a menstrual cup with cloth pads (in case of leakage) has become my new norm. I wish I had found Glad Rags years ago. This variety pack was a great way to decide which sizes and types of pads I wanted to invest more into. I've found that the pantyliner plus and day pad plus are the ones I use the most.

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Finally completely switched!

  • By: DMama Verified Buyer from Conroe, TX US on February 24, 2019

I've been using a menstrual cup for 2 years now, but still needed pads or liners on occasion to protect against leaks. I've wanted to try cloth pads because what's the point of using a cup if you're still buying disposables? After getting a sample liner and pad from Glad Rags, I was hooked! I purchased the starter kit with cleaner kit and couldn't be happier that I have finally given up disposables for good. The cloth pads are more absorbent, more comfortable and feel like I just have on panties. I love the fact that they are quiet and dont feel like I'm wearing plastic! I was able to use this set for my entire period and do a wash at the end by using the bac out and soaking pail. Make the switch!

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Best Decision Ever

  • By: Kbugg23 Verified Buyer from Alexandria, AL US on February 6, 2019

I had seen a post recently from a friend about cloth pads. I had never thought much about them but disposable pads always irritate me and cause infections. So I bought this kit last week and my period is almost over and I am OBSESSED with cloth pads. They are so comfy and non irritating. I will say, the washing and making sure you have the right pads clean and dry is time consuming but worth it because you can always order more! They seem to be made pretty durable as well. I will definitely never use a disposable pad again. Definitely worth every penny!

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Makes me feel great

  • By: Kasey Verified Buyer from Richmond, VA US on January 23, 2019

It is important to me to limit the amount of trash I produce on a daily basis. When I found out about the chemicals inside disposable pads that are inevitably being absorbed into women’s systems I was determined to make the switch. Gladrags pads made it easy. I love the snap that keeps them in place (I can’t tell you how many times I would get absolutely red in the face sitting in the bathroom trying to get my pad to stay in place!) So far no lasting stains have been made. I bought the mesh laundry bag, bac out lemon cleanser & menstrual cup. My process - Rinse/soak in the sink after use w/ water, wring out, splash a little bac out cleanser on trouble spots, roll it up w/o rinsing & stash in my Lucille bag. Repeat this process while incorporating the cup. The laundry bag made separating them from laundry (as not to dry them) simple. They dry quickly on pants hangers. All in all - love the pads & not contributing to our global issue of one-use disposables.

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