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Deluxe Cloth Pad Kit Plus

Save money when you invest in this full supply of GladRags, now available in our extended "Plus" sizes!
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    Ready to make the switch to cloth pads? For most people, this Deluxe Kit Plus provides enough washable pads for your full cycle -- at a discounted price and in extended "Plus" sizes! With a variety of comfortable cotton pads for any level of flow, you'll wonder why you didn't make the switch sooner.

    Each Deluxe Cloth Pad Kit Plus contains:

    Choose to add optional accessories to your kit and save money versus buying items separately:

    • The Basic Laundry Set includes our favorite stain remover stick and a mesh laundry bag.
    • The Pre-Soak Set includes an enamelware soaking container and Bac-Out, an enzyme cleaner.* 

    *Please note: we are unable to ship the Pre-Soak Set outside of the USA. International orders will have this item removed and refunded.

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Review Snapshot

Average Customer Rating (based on 9 reviews)

Never going back!

  • By: Zenncrash Verified Buyer from Jonesboro, AR US on October 12, 2014

I love my gladrags! I'll never go back to disposables. The colors are cheerful, they wash in the machine well, there is no smells while using these pads, I regret not ordering these sooner. Love these pads, I've told my friends about them, even took a picture of them as soon as I got them in the mail to show my friends.

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Great Purchase

  • By: Very Happy Camper Verified Buyer from St Paul, MN US on June 14, 2015

This kit is a great intro to cloth pads. I'm so glad I purchased it. They really don't smell as bad when full as disposable pads do, and I've found them to be much, much more absorbent. I rarely actually bleed through the second liner in the day pads, but keep it in for extra insurance. The longer length is really nice for those of us who usually leak toward the front or back of a 'regular' size pad. Had to buy a few more to get me through my entire cycle without doing laundry, but I love them. Love love love them.

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Best thing since sliced bread!

  • By: Jess Verified Buyer from hampton, VA US on August 23, 2015

I love love love love love this kit! It provides the extra coverage that I need. I have been using cloth pads since high school....over 10 years! I just bought a new set. The others lasted me well over 10 years and probably could last more, I just wanted a change. Gladrags has changed my life! Periods are not an inconvenience anymore. And I love knowing that I have cute designs in my undies.

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In love. <3

  • By: bswhitfield Verified Buyer from Saginaw, MI US on December 14, 2015

This was my first experience using reusables and I knew from the first use that I would never look back. I was honestly a little angry with everyone that I had previously discussed period products with before for not knowing/telling me about cloth pads and menstrual cups. I realized later that the anger is irrational because many people still have no idea that this "alternative" exists. I'm working on changing this; I've already had one sister-in-law make the switch and I will not stop until the majority of women I know begin to think of the "normal" menstrual products as the alternative. I want to thank you and everyone within the reusable community for creating such life-altering products! No longer do I feel wasteful or dirty during my cycles - I feel fantastic. As for the actual product: wonderful. No leaks, easy to clean, and a perfect size for those with a bigger frame or those who desire a little more coverage.

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Such a relief

  • By: kplioness Verified Buyer from Bridgman, MI US on June 18, 2016

After developing an allergy to disposal pads, I discovered Glad Rags and I couldn't be happier. The pads are soft & comfortable to wear, such a relief(no more itchy rashes). I got the pad plus kit for the extra length & to have enough for the whole period. My only complaint is not enough pantyliners in the kit. But will be ordering 3 more. There are plenty of liners, I only use one at a time.

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More Enjoyable Period.

  • By: Bachelorette Verified Buyer from Neodesha, KS US on June 12, 2016

Likes: In addition to having cute prints, I like the fact that with GladRags you have some control over the thickness and absorbancy of the pads with their use of the inserts. This kit has most of what you need to get started. Minor Dislikes: I don't care for the size of the carry bag, I like how it is designed, but I feel as though I scrunch my pads in (especially if you need to carry 3 or more). I also agree with another review stating that I need a few more pads to get through my period without washing. Overall: I like the GladRags, and this kit is a great way to get started with a cloth pad collection. To those who haven't had cloth pads before, I understand any hesitation you may have; however I have found cloth pads to be less irritating to my body and smell a lot better (even my wet bag of used cloth pads don't smell). I have found I have to change them just as often as a disposable, and they have about the same level of absorbency.

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Best thing I ever had and did

  • By: Cherry Verified Buyer from Labrador , Qld AU on May 10, 2016

So clean so pain free so happy that I did This product

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These things are far out, man!

  • By: Luna Verified Buyer from Kansas City, US on March 6, 2017

The "curse" ain't such a bummer anymore. I feel more at one with my bod. The colors are groovy; material's sooooooo soooooooooft. The plus size is righteous! Right on to the beautiful people at Glad Rags. I gave disposable pads the kiss off and now I can lay back and go with the flow. To all you cats who aren't sure I say lay down that bread and get some Glad Rags because they are outta sight! Can you dig it?!

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So glad I made the switch

  • By: Julie Verified Buyer from Rochester, NY US on March 31, 2018

I'm really glad I made the switch from disposable feminine care products, to Glad Rags. I'm 40 years old so having my period is nothing new, but traditional pads irritated my skin and I hate tampons. I got one pad to 'try out' and chose to go for it and make the switch. Even just one period in, I felt more comfortable, and there was minimal stains after I washed the pads. Tip - in your soaking bucket put in some of your usual laundry detergent, and a half scoop of OXY Clean. That helped keep the stains at bay. Good luck! You won't regret your purchase.

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