Organic Thong Pantyliner

Minimal protection that allows you to wear thong style underwear any day of the month!
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    Designed specifically for thong wearers, this breathable pantyliner made with organically grown cotton is perfect for light everyday protection or as back-up for your menstrual cup. With an additional set of snaps, the Thong Pantyliner will stay in place as you go about your day.

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Too bulky

  • By: Jane Verified Buyer from Springfield, US on March 5, 2016

I wanted to use these thing pads as an everyday liner, but they are just too long and bulky for that. They are a great backup for a menstrual cup during a period and for nights, but they are definitely not a substitute for a day to day panty liner. I am trying to switch away from disposal panty liners but find myself going back to them because they are just so much smaller and discreet. These thong liners are not discreet and are thick, making you feel very unsexy when wearing them (you can tell in the photo). If you are like me and wear a thong all month and want a reusable liner for your period, these are a great option! But they are not a good choice for other times of the month if you need a light liner everyday. The title was a bit misleading, that's all!

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  • By: older Mom Verified Buyer from St Petersburg , FL US on October 7, 2016

I know women come in all sizes and shapes but I didn't experience any of the issues described in the negative reviews. They have become my preference for daily wear, I dare say a reason to do laundry more frequently than my (already fabulous) glad rags pantyliner and day pads. I don't know if I will show as a verified buyer because I purchased these as a part of a set- with carry bag and diva cup. I love the organic cotton material. I have to say that, it isn't necessity for me, so I'm perfectly content with the color liners, as well. The fit is thick enough to feel protected and thin enough for comfort even as a precaution. I have mild stress incontinence (oh the joys) but they have never

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Too large :(

  • By: trw22 Verified Buyer from Longmont, CO US on July 12, 2016

I absolutely LOVE the organic cotton these are made of...very soft. Unfortunately, I am a very small lady and these thong pads are too large for me and my undies. They don't stay in place and flip around my undies and are very bulky. I wish they were smaller...

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Highly Absorbent

  • By: OrganicGal Verified Buyer from Phoenix, AZ US on January 16, 2018

These are super soft and comfortable! Just the right coverage for light flow days or when you are expecting to start your period. This is a wonderful product and compliments my Organic Day Pads nicely.

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