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Our classic Night Pad holder paired with two full-coverage inserts for a super absorbent pad!
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    The Night Pad Plus is our largest, thickest pad for the times when you need extra protection. GladRags' Night Pads Plus have the same absorbent holder as our classic Night Pads, and feature extra-large inserts that extend to the length and width of the holder. Customize your absorbency by using one or both inserts. Great for postpartum, overnight use, or light incontinence.

    Includes 1 holder + 2 inserts.

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I needed to get used to it, but I like it!

  • By: Captain Crimson Pants Verified Buyer from Syracuse, NY US on October 5, 2017

This was part of my sampler kit. I had the hardest time with this one. I did leak..but with heavy/very heavy flow and a history of epic leaks overnight ( really, up to my waistband!) I expected the possibility. Because this is so much longer than the liners and day pads, it extends front and back quite a bit. As such, your legs aren't preventing it from moving a little bit the way they would with the others. So if your panties are even a bit loose in the back leakage is likely because it can shift a bit at the end. This was part of my issue. The plus has more insert coverage than the other ( a good thing), and seems enormous just laying flat but if you need this, you get over that! I would order this again.

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  • By: Ecogirl Verified Buyer from Garden City, US on September 8, 2017

These overnights are seriously awesome. They do take sometime getting used to them but I'm happy I bought them. I'm planning on purchasing more. I love that they're environmentally friendly and save me money on pads and tampons. It's a win-win.

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Severe Irritation Problem Solved

  • By: nothanks Verified Buyer from Macon, US on March 4, 2017

I had a horrible, itchy, scaly red rash all over my nether regions that every time I got under control, I would catch my period & it would blow up again. So I looked on my bag of pads for the ingredients to see what was doing this & was horrified to find NOTHING on the package. For all I know, there could be wood pulp, arsenic, & ground fire ants in there. That's when I started looking online for an alternative & I found out about Glad Rags. I was skeptical - I have a flow that just goes everywhere. I was worried that I would bleed through so I got the overnight plus which I use as my daily pad (I have a couple of normal size ones that I use as my liners for "light" flow) & it's been a few months now & I'm pretty happy. It takes a little bit of planning to make sure your pads are ready when you are but well worth not having an embarrassing & uncomfortable "problem" down there anymore.

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Great design, but it shrunk!

  • By: Karen Verified Buyer from Grand Haven, MI US on August 15, 2017

I love the design of these pads and that they are quick drying, with extra layers of more protection is needed. Despite following the washing instructions (and only line drying) the pad shrunk in length by over an inch after only a couple of washings. Not as much, but also a significant amount of shrinking in the wings. So I guess order larger than you think you will need to allow for shrinking.

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My favorite pad from the Gladrags site!

  • By: TheSilverQueen Verified Buyer from Fairview Heights, IL US on August 4, 2017

This is my favorite pad from the Gladrags website! I love the fact that it is super long and I don't have to worry about leaks and I can still feel comfortable at the same time. It's good on light days and heavy days and the inserts allow you to change the absorbency of the pad. I wear these on my heaviest days to bed, during the day when my period is heaviest, or when I just want the added security on a lazy day at home. You can wear the pad on your light days without the inserts or you can use more inserts on your heaviest days. This pad is the most convenient and versatile in my opinion and I will definitely buy more! If you want more security and to keep the pads in place you can cut off the legs of stockings to keep the pad in place and keep the bulkiness down. I'm glad I don't have to worry about chaffing and irritation from plastic pads. Love these!

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Prone to Leakage

  • By: Still a Fan Verified Buyer from Albuquerque, NM US on July 10, 2017

These overnight pads serve their purpose well for overnight use... but they do have a few issues. (1) They leak on the sides. For some reason, the wings on these overnight pads are different than the wings on the day pads, and that means that, as I toss and turn in my sleep, I don't have as much side coverage protection. Without fail, every single time I've used these pads, I end up with a small amount of side leakage. (2) They're really, REALLY thick. While that's not terrible for night wear, I certainly wouldn't want to wear them in the daytime. Trying to walk around with this pad on feels like I'm wearing a diaper. (3) The insert coverage is smaller than the pad base coverage. To get proper coverage, I need to stagger the inserts, with one further forward on the pad, and one further back -- and that stresses me out that someday I'll forget and end up with length leakage too. Good news is that these pads are super absorbent and they don't cause ANY chafing or itching. Hooray!

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Works great

  • By: Lin Verified Buyer from Chicago, IL US on May 24, 2017

As someone who is approaching menopause, my cycle has definitely changed the last couple of years. I have a heavier flow, and due to the type of work I do, I can't always get to the bathroom as frequently as would be ideal. The night pad works great for those couple of really heavy days.

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  • By: AM Verified Buyer from New York, NY US on July 22, 2018

In addition to them being very effective and what they are meant to do (highly absorbent, no leakage), there is something very comfy and cozy about wearing these to bed. They are SO soft and fit so well. Plus they are so cute, its nice to know I will use them month after month. I have also used these pads postpartum when my son was born- and I will again in a few months! And I cannot say enough wonderful things about the comfort that these provided after birth- they were wonderful!

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Best decision of my menstrual life!

  • By: southernmuse Verified Buyer from Bowling Green, KY US on January 21, 2018

Traditional pads left me itchy, irritated, and hatingthat time of the month. I almost never slept because I was so uncomfortable. Switching to GladRags has been great! The night plus are all I use since I need big pads (in fact, I wish a slightly longer size was available - us big bottom girls still get leaks). But despite still leaking a bit in the back, these are SO comfy, easy to care for, and they really do last. Thanks so much!

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I don’t know how I’ve gone so long without it!

  • By: Ashley Verified Buyer from Houston, TX US on February 27, 2018

I suffer from a lot of nighttime leaking from my cup during my heavier days. During my period, I often find myself up in the middle of the night, changing underwear and cleaning sheets. I decided to give the night pad plus a try. Once it arrived, I was a little put off by the size. This thing is HUGE. It’s definitely not something I would want to wear all day. However, I must now say that my nights of cleaning up after leaks are over. The night pad plus provides very thorough coverage and comes with two very absorbant inserts. The inserts are actually so thick that I only wear one and switch to the other insert to use for the next night. Since getting the night pad plus, I’ve been able to enjoy more restful nights on my period!

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