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    Ready to make the switch but can't invest in a full set of GladRags just yet? Set up a convenient autoship order of our Day Pad! It's our most popular pad style in a larger size, and with your autoship order you'll get a discount plus free shipping.

    Your first pad ships immediately, then every month you'll get a new Day Pad Plus to add to your stash. You'll receive a surprise color/print each month. Once you have enough pads to meet your needs, simply log in to your account to cancel your membership! You'll receive an email notification five days before your next order ships.

    Free shipping available in USA only. Autoship membership available for USA & Canada only.

Review Snapshot

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Unsure, might get better with time

  • By: Tryingtobeenviromental Verified Buyer from Poland, US on July 19, 2017

now gotten two pads, First, was a black one, hand washed it in cold water with mild detergent, after a couple of washes it lost the softness, Second, teal with a white pattern, I learned that even after soaking and instructions it feels almost impossible to get the stain out, makes me alittle disappointed because I only used it once and its pretty much forever red-brown. its embrassing to air dry a dirty looking pad + you need really good patience if you are depending on this, since i only have two and a menstrual cup, I wanted to use the pads but found I couldn't since they take a 2 days just to dry sometimes. (period lasts 4 days). I would of bought a large pack but I find this easier to slowly build my collection since I am living paycheck by paycheck as a college student. So I'm hoping that with time it becomes easier because maybe ill become more skilled? more patient? once I have a larger supply. unsure but hoping for a brighter future with this product.

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Best ever!

  • By: Barb Verified Buyer from Cleveland, US on May 6, 2018

So happy with organic cotton versus stuff that chaffs and is bad for the environment!

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Exceptional investment

  • By: Sol Verified Buyer from Chilliwack, CA on June 30, 2018

I was a bit unsure because I worried about the upfront cost and the switch from paper to cloth, but I am now sold. Building my collection slowly means it's quite affordable to feel good physically and emotionally about my period products. I'm so happy with this product and I would recommend it to anyone who gets a period.

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