Light Flow Kit

Light flow? We've got you covered!
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    This kit is tailored for those with a lighter flow, and includes washable cloth pads and pantyliners in your choice of colors -- who says your period has to be boring?! For lightest days, use our Pantyliner or Pantyliner Plus. On more moderate flow days, try the Day Pad. Stow everything in your Carry Bag and you're good to go!

    The Light Flow Kit includes:

    Choose to add optional accessories to your kit and save money versus buying items separately:

    • The Basic Laundry Set includes our favorite stain remover stick and a mesh laundry bag.
    • The Pre-Soak Set includes an enamelware soaking container and Bac-Out, an enzyme cleaner.* 

    *Please note: we are unable to ship the Pre-Soak Set outside of the USA. International orders will have this item removed and refunded.

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Expectations exceeded

  • By: Rachel Verified Buyer from Kansas City, KS US on September 17, 2017

I've wanted to switch to reusables for a while, ever since I've switched to a cup I've often found wearing backup pads to be a waste since my period is light, it just made economic and ecological sense to invest in these. After receiving my package and trying them out, I was very impressed and surprised by how soft the pads are. I've only washed them a few times, but they seem to be very well made. I ordered the floral ones and got the pre-soak set for discreet soaking. (The biokleen smells amazing btw) The florals are so pretty I almost didn't want to use them, but they are manageable to get clean again as long as you soak them promptly. (If you really don't want to worry about stains though, go with black) The most impressive thing about these pads though is how breathable they are compared to disposables. I was skeptical, but since they don't have a plastic liner trapping all the sweat & moisture, it makes it much easier for it to breathe, making them unfathomably comfortable.

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I'm hooked!

  • By: Erie Verified Buyer from Wayne, US on July 28, 2018

I bought the Light Flow set in Dark Colors after getting the pantyliner promotion to test out cloth pads. The cloth pads are so much more comfortable than disposables, even in the warm summer weather. They are easy to clean and the dark colors don't show stains. I am still getting used to rinsing my pads out in the public restroom at work, but it's so worth it. I like the variety of shapes and sizes so that I can use what I need on any given day. Highly recommended!

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One less thing to worry about!

  • By: CassLovesComfort Verified Buyer from Scottsdale, AZ US on June 18, 2018

This is my first time purchasing and using cloth pads. I wanted to wait until my period before I wrote this review, and now that I have experienced what a period can be like with cloth pads, I am HOOKED. I will not go back to the plastic diaper-like wasteful pads of the past because these adorable flowered marvels are the future. The best way I can describe the difference between these and disposable pads is to compare sleeping on the ground versus sleeping on a tempurpedic mattress... No more uncomfortable pad-rash and chaffing from the plastic rubbing against the sensitive inner thigh. These pads were easy to clean and the little bag to hold them looked like a purse and was not embarrassing to carry to the bathroom. The best part? Nothing leaked. These are perfection. Even when there was an issue in delivering my package, Gladrags fixed the problem and sent me a personal message apologizing for the inconvenience. I will be buying again in the future.

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  • By: Stlcardinal Verified Buyer from St louis, MO US on May 3, 2018

This is exactly what I needed to get me through my period. I already cloth diaper my babies to changing to cloth pads myself was easy and I wish I would have done it sooner as they are much more comfortable, less smelly, and better for the environment than disposable products.

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Very Happy

  • By: SLS Verified Buyer from Cottage Grove, US on March 29, 2018

Before making the switch to reusable products, I did a bit of online research. Gald Rags kept coming up as being one of the best companies. I am so glad I tried them. I am very happy with my products. They are very comfortable and I like the various different sizes provided.

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