Cloth Pad Sampler Kit

An excellent start to any pad user's collection available in a variety of fun and colorful styles.
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    New to cloth pads? The Cloth Pad Sampler Kit is a great place to start! This kit contains enough pads to cover you for part of your cycle. You'll get to try our Day Pads, Pantyliners, and Night Pads and discover which ones are the best fit for your body and your flow. Tote them on the go in your handy Carry Bag!

    The Cloth Pad Sampler Kit contains:

    Choose to add optional accessories to your kit and save money versus buying items separately:

    • The Basic Laundry Set includes our favorite stain remover stick and a mesh laundry bag.
    • The Pre-Soak Set includes an enamelware soaking container and Bac-Out, an enzyme cleaner.* 

    *Please note: we are unable to ship the Pre-Soak Set outside of the USA. International orders will have this item removed and refunded.

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Great way to start

  • By: hahlee Verified Buyer from Saint Louis, MO US on July 27, 2017

I purchased this kit a while back when I decided to get started with the cloth pad lifestyle. When researching pads and how many I would need, I became pretty overwhelmed! Luckily I came across this kit which was reasonably priced with the perfect amount of supplies to get started! I was so excited when it came in (quickly I might add) that I could not stop showing my husband how they would work. About a year of standard use later, and they are still in A+ shape. I have added to my collection since this purchase but this set gave me enough pieces to get through a few cycles and make sure the cloth pad lifestyle was for me - which it was! I would recommend this if you are starting out or looking to restock your current collection - it is always nice to have a few new pieces.

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Solid kit

  • By: Portland BeeGeek Verified Buyer from Portland, OR US on August 5, 2017

I very much appreciate the Glad Rags kit I got. I've been using Glad Rags for years and it was finally time to get new ones. This is a thoughtful selection that basically covers my needs for the month. My new pads were well made, nice and soft, and fun colors and patterns. It's also nice to have the classy little enamel ware basin, and that BacOut stuff really works.

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A comfortable and sustainable period

  • By: Ang Verified Buyer from Santa Fe , NM US on February 2, 2018

I brought Glad Rags because I was tired of spending money on disposable feminine products and was looking for a way to reduce waste. However, these pads are the most comfortable I have ever worn. Unlike disposables, they are so breathable and soft. And, the cleaning them was fairly easy. I would highly recommend these pads!!

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Amazingly comfortable

  • By: kballar4 Verified Buyer from Atlanta, GA US on April 19, 2018

I was skeptical at first, but these cloth pads surprised me. They are well made and extremely soft. I purchased the organic cotton material and haven’t had a problem with staining while using the Bac-Out cleaning solution. Overall they feel great and are easy to use.

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Comfortable and all-purpose

  • By: Charlie Verified Buyer from Lenox, MA US on August 6, 2018

The set offers many varieties of cloth pad that I have found to be useful in many situations. Overnight, early in my cycle, late in my cycle, all the in-betweens, and even as backup after a recent IUD insertion. Always love adding to my collection on GladRags.

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