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Heavy Flow Kit

Designed especially for those of us with heavy flow!
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  • Description

    Cloth pads aren't just for light flow! Designed for those of us with a heavier flow, this kit includes a selection of our favorite pads and accessories. A great choice for postpartum, too!

    The Heavy Flow Kit includes:

    Choose to add optional accessories to your kit and save money versus buying items separately:

    • The Basic Laundry Set includes our favorite stain remover stick and a mesh laundry bag.
    • The Pre-Soak Set includes an enamelware soaking container and Bac-Out, an enzyme cleaner.* 

    *Please note: we are unable to ship the Pre-Soak Set outside of the USA. International orders will have this item removed and refunded.

Review Snapshot

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  • By: Kimberly Verified Buyer from Jersey, NJ US on July 7, 2017

I was so excited when I ordered Glad Rags. I have read some of the reviews and a lot of them we're good. I didn't pay much mind to the not so good reviews. However I had to experience it on my own. These pads leak way too much. They do not hold my flow. I also did not see any change in the amount of days that I had my cycle. I'm not sure if it's me in my body or just these pads but they are not for me. I will not be ordering any more. I had to turn around and order from another company. Waiting to use those now. I hope they are a lot better than Glad Rags. I feel like I wasted my money. This is a honest review and I'm not trying to discredit the product. But when asked for a review I believe you must State the truth.

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Great buy

  • By: Aeremmar Verified Buyer from Virginia Beach, VA US on December 19, 2017

I love my glad rags. I currently live a life of minimal waste and I try to do as much plastic free living as possible. My first attempt at minimal waste was using the diva cup. The diva cup is great but it pushed on my bladder a made me feel like I had to pee all of the time, and getting it in and out can be sort of a pain. These glad rags are great for me! I don't mind the extra work in soaking them after use and before washing them because to me any waste I can prevent creating is worth the extra 10 minutes of care time. They're extremely comfortable as well. I have experienced a little leakage but that would happen to me with regular tampons and pads as well and it's kind of something that just happens and I'm okay with, I just make sure I'm extra prepared on the heavy flow days. I highly recommend these for every body!

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