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    Pad your stash with a convenient autoship order of the GladRags Pantyliner! It's the perfect light absorbency liner to add to your collection, and with your autoship order you'll get a discount plus free shipping.

    Your first pantyliner ships immediately, then every month you'll get a new Pantyliner to add to your stash. You'll receive a surprise color/print each month. Once you have enough pantyliners to meet your needs, simply log in to your account to cancel your membership! You'll receive an email notification five days before your next order ships.

    Free shipping available in USA only. Autoship membership available for USA & Canada only.

Review Snapshot

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Excellent Product!

  • By: GoGirlTX Verified Buyer from Scurry, TX US on February 21, 2018

I bought my first Glad Rags 10 years ago and STILL have the original cloth pads. They are in great shape to this day. I've purchased a few pads from other vendors, however, the quality of Glad Rags can not be beat. My daughters and several friends now use the products. It's worth the investment.

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Happy Period!

  • By: Elly Fiedler Verified Buyer from Tucson, AZ US on April 12, 2018

Ordered one of the organic cotton panty liners and decided I needed to be on the recuring plan! They are super comfy, easy to take care of, and wonderful for everyday use without feeling bulky. Took some time to get use to but great for the environment and my health!

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Love the Convenience

  • By: Literate Griffin Verified Buyer from Jacksonville, FL US on July 31, 2018

I still have my first Glad Rag from the early 1990's. Now, my daughter is nearing puberty, and we're building her up a stash. I just switched from collecting "Day Pads" to the Pantyliners (which weren't around, in my day!). We love them. The are soft, absorbent, and convenient, just like the original Day Pads. My daughter loves the pretty colors and patterns, and looks forward to seeing the new ones every month. I enjoy the "set it and forget it" convenience of the auto-ship. It allows me to spread out our initial "stash" over time, so I'm not paying all at once. Plus, when new patterns come out, the new one always seems to be in that month's package. ;) When I bought mine, back in my college days, I could only afford a couple at a time. The auto-ship option lets me make sure she has enough to get through an entire heavy period without having to run laundry. I own Glad Rags that have seen a quarter-century of hard use, and are still pretty. It's a good investment.

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Convenient Option

  • By: GenuineB Verified Buyer from Cincinnati, OH US on April 7, 2019

The Auto Ship option is very convenient for people looking to replace disposable pads with these reusable pantyliners over time. The price is reasonable, and I stopped the shipping when I had collected enough pantyliners for my use. The pads are easy to clean. I usually hand-wash and air-dry during my cycle as I use the pads during the week and then throw them in the washer for a thorough cleaning afterward.

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