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GladRags fabric scraps become works of art! Linda Hendrickson takes the trimmings from our cloth pads that are made here in Portland, and uses a technique called ply-split braiding to make beautiful weavings! Thanks for putting these scraps to fun use, Linda! #gladragspads #zerowaste #madeinusa #madeinpdx #plysplitbraiding

Dec 7, 2018
Contemplating how next to save the world, ladies? @gladragspads @gladragspads @gladragspads #gladragspads

Nov 19, 2018
No two menstruators are exactly alike, so menstrual product needs can vary from one person to the next. Take this short survey to find out which GladRags products will work best for your flow. (link in bio!) . . . . #gladragspads #menstruators #reusables #menstrualcup #clothpads #ditchthedisposables

Nov 5, 2018
Daisy chain season is coming... The glorious team at @gladragspads have donated a generous selection of their reusable menstrual products to be used in Period. Including this gorgeous daisy print day pad! Things to love about GladRags: 1. All cotton, all goodorganic cotton available! 2. Money saver! 3. Waste-free periods! #gladragspads #cottonpads #reusablepads #organiccotton #menstrualcups #healthy #natural #naturalprocess #blood #bleed #bleeding #vagina #vulva #menses #menarche #feministtheatre #palmyfringe #palmerstonnorth #portland #portlandoregon #happyperiod #happyvagina #happyvulva #uteruspin #badges #stickers #organiccottonpads #floralprint #daisy #blood

Oct 19, 2018
Remnant GladRags fabric noodles + thrifted fabric for cases = dog beds for @thepixieproject! Thank you @spooltown for saving our noodles! . . . #gladragspads #spooltown #upcycle #zerowaste #thepixieproject #zerowaste #madeinusa #portland #petadoption

Oct 19, 2018
Two things Im passionate about: the environment and dissolving the pink tax. If that sounds like you, check out @gladragspads! Im honestly in love with how comfortable these pads are, and knowing that Im reducing waste and not having to pay period taxes is everything to me Use code ROSECAFLETIC5 for $5 off at checkout! #gladragsambassador #gladragspads #gladrags #periodpositive #ad

Oct 12, 2018
Day 10: Flowing. Inspired by the Wonderful @fuckyeaherikamoen and @studiododge here's my little XO Flo menstrual cup. It's taken horrific periods and made them so I don't have to miss work anymore! If anyone wants to talk menstrual cups I am DOWN. I'm behind on posting but not on drawing, for once in my life! . . . . . @sharpie @inktober @gladragspads @jakeparker #inktober #inktober2018 #menstrualcup #xoflo #gladrags #bayareaartist #oaklandartist #periodpositive

Oct 11, 2018
Emmylou posing with my new @gladragspads carry bag! This is amazing and totally perfect for travelling with my reusable pads. I actually cant wait for my period #gladrags #gladragspads #resuablemenstrualproducts #menstrual #period #pride #greenperiods #zerowaste #uterus #pussy #cat

Oct 10, 2018
How's your flow? The glorious team at @gladragspads have donated to Period. an XO Flo cup Very excited to show off this unique #ecofriendlyproduct to the very first audiences of the show during Palmy Fringe next week! Things to love about your XO Flo! 1. Holds 38 ml of menses, which is more than most other cups! 2. The soft beaded stem is designed to be both trimmable and super comfortable if left as is! 3. Inner support rings help pop XO Flo open! #gladragspads #menstrualcups #healthy #natural #naturalprocess #blood #bleed #bleeding #vagina #vulva #menses #menarche #feministtheatre #palmyfringe #palmerstonnorth #portland #portlandoregon #happyperiod #happyvagina #happyvulva #menstrualcup #menstrualcuprevolution #loveyourcup #medicalgradesilicone

Oct 10, 2018
Got your glad rags ready this month? The glorious team at @gladragspads have donated a generous selection of their reusable menstrual products to be used in Period. including an XO Flo cup Very excited to show off these #ecofriendlyproducts to the very first audiences of the show during Palmy Fringe next week! #gladragspads #cottonpads #reusablepads #organiccotton #menstrualcups #healthy #natural #naturalprocess #blood #bleed #bleeding #vagina #vulva #menses #menarche #feministtheatre #palmyfringe #palmerstonnorth #portland #portlandoregon #happyperiod #happyvagina #happyvulva #uteruspin #badges #stickers #organiccottonpads #floralprint #daisy

Oct 5, 2018
Ladies, meet your new best friend, XO Flo Mini from @gladragspads ! I could spend so long telling about how much I love this cup! It is so comfortable. Its like nothing is there!! I highly recommend this someone who is wanting to make the switch to a cup, but might be little intimidated if youve never used one before, because lets be real... it can be daunting. Im willing to bet you wont regret it, but youll never know unless you try it! If youre wondering whats so different about the mini compared to the regular XO Flo see the next picture and if you have ANY questions about it, just ask! do, however, recommend that you really look into the differences in sizes and do your own research to discover which option is best for you! I have tried both and love both, but I think I love the mini the most! As some of you know, earlier this year I became an ambassador for Gladrags and I am so excited that I get to continue my ambassadorship with them! So, keep your eyes peeled for a lot of different product reviews and possibly some giveaways! And same as before, use promo code ASHSTIEB5 to get $5 off any one pad, pantyliner, or XO Flo! I #periodpositivity #gladragspads #xoflomini #promocode #wastefree #reusable #reusablepads #ecofriendlyproducts

Sep 24, 2018
Have questions about XO Flo or our new XO Flo Mini? We have answers! Respond via our stories or send us a note, . . . . #gladragspads #xoflo #xoflomini #menstrualcup #periodpositive #zerowaste #madeinusa #smallbiz #bcorp

Sep 24, 2018
The XO Flo from @gladragspads was for sure a game changer in the menstrual cup game, and Im so excited to try their @kickstarter backed XO Flo Mini for my lighter days. #gladrags #gladragspads #xoflo #menstrualcup #periodproud

Sep 22, 2018
How many pads, panty liners and tampons do you go through on your period? Have you ever thought of switching to an eco friendly option? I can honestly say that this cup works so well that I tend to forget I am on my period. I have confidently worn my xo flo cup on paddleboarding and hiking excursions without any hint of an issue. If you haven't yet go check out @gladragspads !!! They have great starter kits to help you get started on an eco-friendly menstruating journey. You can use my code Labellaleone5 to save some money! Also comment down below and be sure to leave a if you would like a chance to win this brand new #xoflo

Sep 20, 2018
Did you see the new XO Flo mini from @gladragspads ? If you loved the original size & design but hoped for a smaller it is! After a successful kickstarter and launch you can now find the cup on their website (affiliate) >

Sep 14, 2018
Kickstarter backers should be getting their mini XO Flo. We love the box it comes in and that this well designed cup now has a smaller version. @gladragspads #putacupinit #menstrualcup #xoflo #kickstarter #kickstarterrewards #menstruation #period

Sep 14, 2018
We can talk periods and menstrual products all day. In fact ... we do! So hit us up! Well be answering your questions in our stories this week. But you can reach out anytime at or 1-800-799-4523. #gladragspads #periodtalk #askmeanything #periodpositive #ditchthedisposables

Aug 27, 2018
Hey beauties and beasts, let's talk about menstrual products. I have recently switched from traditional tampons and pads and started using eco-friendly options from @gladragspads I have absolutely loved my experience so far and wanted to share a good thing with you guys. So I have teamed up with #gladrags as an ambassador and we are giving away one of their cloth panty liners. Brand new, still in its box, and super cute! All you have to do is make sure you are following me @labellaleone and go give @gladragspads a follow. Once you are done comment below and leave a if you want to be entered. The winner will be announced via stories This coming Friday! In the meantime if you would like to make the switch or try out something new use my code LABELLALEONE5 for $5 off of any one clothpad/pantyliner/or XO flo #BeautyInTheBeastly

Aug 26, 2018
New Highlight: How to wash cloth pads! See our stories, or visit the link in our bio for more info. #gladragspads

Aug 20, 2018
Get a Value Kit and have everything you need for a comfortable, zero waste period. Browse all our Value Kits and find your perfect match! Save an additional $10 with code: REUSE2018 Link in bio. . . . #gladragpads #zerowaste #periodpositive #menstruation #fearlessbleeders #makeoverauntflo #reuse #clothpads #xoflo #menstrualcup

Aug 18, 2018
"When I was fourteen years old, my mother gifted me a set of GladRags pads. This inspired me to consider the sustainability of menstrual products and their impact on the health of our bodies and the planet. It is so glaringly apparent how important it is that menstruators are introduced to reusables early on while habits are still forming. What better time to do this than their first period?" Meet Hallie, creator of @lunarwild and the First Period Gift Box. Click through the bio link to read more and for a special offer just for GladRags fans! . . . . #gladragspads #periodpositive #mooncalendar #menarche #reuse #makeoverauntflo #ditchthedisposables #menstruators

Aug 8, 2018
Our office vision board! What would you put on yours? . . . #visionboard #collage #dreambigger #gladragspads #periodpositive #reuse #feminist #bodypositive #inclusion

Aug 1, 2018
25 years! Thats a quarter of a century of busting the status quo with safe, comfortable, reusable period products! Our sale has ended, but were still celebrating. So we want to give you a shot at a $25 gift certificate to To enter, just leave a comment with something you hope to see happen in the next 25 years. ** bonus entry: share this! ** Winner will be drawn at random on Monday, 7/30. #gladragspads

Jul 28, 2018
The birth of a GladRags pad begins at @spooltown! Lets all give a huge high five to Candace, Paul and team, who have been making our soft and awesome cloth pads for at least the last 5 years! Period products made with care in Portland, OR. Spooltown even saves the little fabric noodles (the trim) and those get used in bee hives as insulation, in heavy bags as filler, and even in handwoven rugs. . . . . #gladragspads #spooltown #madeinpdx #clothpads #madeinusa #smallbusiness #womenownedbusiness #bcorp #upcycle #zerowaste #ditchthedisposables

Jul 21, 2018
Youll want to add @gladragspads pantyliner plus to your vacation packing list this summer! Comment below where youre vacationing this summer! Similar to the regular panty liners in they do offer a backup protection, but similar to the day pads in the more elongated shape. I know I always say it, but guys...Im serious...theyre so comfortable! And sustainable! If you are interested in working towards a waste free lifestyle this is a great place to start or add to your progress. Ladies, we have the potential to change the world! Use code ASHSTIEB5 before the end of this month to save $5 on any single pad, liner or XO Flo! And as always, if you have ANY questions about these amazing products please do not hesitate to ask me and be sure to check out the Gladrags website because they have a ton of educational resources available. Remember...end of this month... #ticktock #periodpositivity #gladragspads #wastefree #summer #summervacation #promocode #changetheworld

Jul 13, 2018
Spot on, @jameelajamilofficial. We want cake, too. #trueperiodselfie

Jul 10, 2018
Its a Zero Waste Bathroom Giveaway! If youve been wanting to take the next step on your journey toward zero waste, nows the perfect time. Plastic Free July is just around the corner, and its a great time to be mindful about all the little pieces of plastic that enter our daily lives, little things that we can refuse, helping to reduce our personal and collective plastic footprint. So this isnt just a giveaway, its a call to action: Lets all step up our game and refuse more plastic together! Prizes: GladRags Cloth Pad Sampler Kit Plus (winners choice of print/organic) Chagrin Valley Fig & Plum Complexion Bar + Lotion Bar LoveBottle Made In USA Glass Bottle (print shown) WowE Lifestyle Natural Bamboo Toothbrush (set of 4) + Double Edge Safety Razor w/ Bamboo Handle* . . . . . . How to Enter to Win: 1 Follow @gladragspads @lovebottleusa @wowelifestyle @chagrinvalleysoap 2 Leave a comment and tell us what plastic thing youll refuse for #plasticfreejuly 3 Tag a friend * BONUS: share this giveaway in your stories and tag @gladragspads so your bonus entry is seen and noted! . . . . . . . Contest closes at midnight PT on 7/2. One winner will be chosen at random from all entries and contacted on 7/3. Open to US residents. Good luck! . . . . . . * We know not everyone shaves, but some folks do. Its a choice, just like hair color or clothes. And for those who choose to shave, wed like to suggest reusable over disposable. That is all.

Jun 26, 2018
One small change can mean a world of difference! Get to know our thoughtfully-designed menstrual cup, XO Flo! More information in our story highlights. . . . . . #gladragspads #xoflo #ditchthedisposables #periodpositive #zerowaste #menstrualcup #somanyreasons

Jun 25, 2018
Its a great time to be STRONG! That's why we've teamed up with STRONG The Magazine for Girls, a magazine designed to empower and inspire YOU by sharing stories about positive and strong role models and how we can all do extraordinary things, everyday. Enter to win the latest issue of @strongmagazineforgirls, a STRONG T-shirt, plus a GladRags Day Pad and Carry Bag in the color/print of your choice! To enter: Like this post (thank you!) Follow @gladragspads and @strongmagazineforgirls on Instagram Tag a friend in the comments (tag as many friends as you like, but in different comments, please) Giveaway wraps up in 48 hours and 1 winner will be drawn at random from all comments. US only (sorry, world!). Good luck! . . . #gladragspads #periodpositive #giveaway #ditchthedisposables #reuse #period #menstruationmatters #xoflo #clothpads #menstrualcup

Jun 21, 2018

Jun 18, 2018
Some days are heavier to than others, thankfully @gladragspads has something to help with that. This month I am featuring the Day Pad Plus. This pad, like the others I have featured, is super comfortable. It comes with extra inserts in case the heavier days are a little extra heavy, so you can rest assured that youre covered. I cannot tell you enough how amazing this switch has been for me. Yall, I havent bought pads in over a year. My cloth pads have basically been paid back from the amount of money I have saved. My time as an ambassador is almost over so use my code, ASHSTIEB5, while you still can! The code will give you $5 off any one pad, panty liner or XO flo! #periodpositivity #gladragspads #promocode #daypad

Jun 18, 2018
Were you prepared for your first period? A lot of kids arent! So talking about it early and often is key. The period talk doesnt have to be one giant conversation, but can be smaller conversations here and there. With repeated conversation comes increasing comfort about a subject that has been taboo for far too long. Our First Periods Kit makes a great gift for a young soon-to-be mentsruator and comes with 3 Day Pads, 3 Pantyliners, and a handy book that helps young ones explore the ins and outs of periods whenever curiosity strikes. Save 15% on the First Periods Kit and all of our other Value Kits thru 6/21. Use code KITSALE15 . . . #gladragspads #periodpositive #linkinbio

Jun 13, 2018
Get a GladRags sticker and uterus pin FREE with all orders until June 4th! Because stickers and pins are our favorite and we're pretty sure they're yours, too. #gladragspads

May 30, 2018
Peekaboo! No plastic backing here. Just comfortable, reliable, absorbent cotton. #gladragspads @strongmagazineforgirls

May 29, 2018
1) Sign up for our Cloth Pad Club and be automagically entered to win this #ReusePeriod tote, including t-shirt from PERIOD, adorable uterus pin, and a new Day Pad! 2) For each new person that subscribes to our Cloth Pad Club this month we'll donate a Cloth Pad to Period. Inc. to support someone who lacks access to safe menstrual products! Link in bio! . . . #gladragspads #menstruationmatters #menstrualhygieneday #makeoverauntflow #ditchthedisposables #choose2reuse #periodproud #periodmovement

May 24, 2018
Introducing our newest print, Confetti! Wooo! Period party!!! Now available in your favorite GladRags cloth pad or pantyliner. Yay. . . . . #gladragspads #clothpads #ditchthedisposables #makeoverauntflo #turnthecrimsontide #choose2reuse

May 22, 2018
Aint no shame in our period game! So were prancing through Portland with our favorite reusable period products held high to help bust taboos and normalize the menstruation conversation. PLUS Theres a giveaway (swipe). If you sign up for our Cloth Club this month youll be automagically entered to win a Reuse Period tote filled with a new Cloth Day Pad + uterus pin + t-shirt from @periodmovement And for each new subscriber this month well give a new cloth pad to a menstruator in need. (Link in bio.) Were GladRags, and we are #PeriodProud! . . . #gladragspads #periodproud #menstruationmatters #menstrualhygieneday #periodmovement

May 19, 2018
If you want ultimate protection while youre catching some Zs this night pad from @gladragspads is the waytogo! Its so comfortable that I can sleep peacefully and it provides all the protection I might need with two extra inserts to not worry about staining. I highly recommend this product to anyone, but especially those who dont use the cup or dont use one while they sleep. SO! If you are interested in getting this fabulous pad or any other pads, panty liners, or XO Flo use the code ASHSTIEB5 for $5 off your order! #happymenstruating #sleepy #gladragspads #promocode #mayflowers #sleeptime #goodnight

May 10, 2018
I was do excited to open his box and see his great black/floral night pad! I can wear most reusable pads for the majority of my period but I have this 2-3 day span that is very heavy. I often turn to a postpartum pad and heavy flow cup (my favorites on the site) but finding a pad made for heavy days can be hard. I cant wait to try this! It has a great length and I can tell from the thickness that it will be great. What @gladragspads says about the product GladRags' Night Pads are longer and wider to provide more coverage while you sleep. In addition to extra coverage, the night holder contains a layer of ultra-absorbent terry cloth. Customize your absorbency by adding inserts to the pocket on the holder. The Night Pad can also be used as a postpartum pad or for heavy flow during the day. . . . You can use promo code: THEGREENV5 at checkout, to get $5 off any one cloth pad/pantyliner or XO Flo cup! Theyre also having a great sale on kits. My affiliate > #gladragspads

May 9, 2018
As of right now, the menstrual cups backed through our Kickstarter will replace over 1.87 MILLION tampons, which is about 25,000 pounds of garbage kept out of landfill. Please help us see this project through to the finish line so we can make this dream a reality! Link in profile. . . . #gladragspads #kickstarter #xoflo #xoflomini #menstrualcups4all #choosetoreuse #ditchthedisposables #buyonegiveone #periodpositive #zerowaste #makeoverauntflo #menstruationmatters #backersneeded

May 9, 2018
Ever wonder about a zero waste period? Well, heres a money saving lineup for that time of the month. _____ I have personally found success with @thedivacup made from soft silicone and @gladragspads made from 100% organic cotton. I find them to be much more comfortable than disposable tampons and pads. Plus, the cup can be worn for up to 10-12 hours! _____ The investment to switch from disposables to reusables costs money up front but over time the savings quickly add up. The average American woman can use up to 16,000 disposable tampons and pads in her lifetime. That means shell spend upwards of $3000 in goods that get thrown out. _____ Why not consider reusable menstrual products if you havent already? Let me know if you have any questions!

May 8, 2018
Meet the GladRags Ambassadors! First up, Leigh Ann, @3_moons_studio, who just ordered a new set of Organic Cloth Pads to refresh her stash thats over 10 years old! I LOVE GladRags reusable cloth pads, because they are good for my body, my wallet, and the Earth. No toxic chemicals in or near my body and no trash going to landfill every month. Ive recently (just last cycle) added the XO Flo menstrual cup to my stash and look forward to having that as an option as hiking and kayaking season approach. Thanks for sharing the GladRags love, Leigh Ann! . . . #gladragspads #ambassador #makeoverauntflo #choose2reuse #ditchthedisposables

May 3, 2018
#repost @zero.waste.vic . . . . I love how protected the @gladragspads overnight pad makes me feel. It covers up high in the front and the back. As someone who has been prone to leaking overnight I really appreciate that feature. #gladragspads #goodnight

May 2, 2018
Disposable tampons, pads, and liners generate hundreds of thousands of tons of waste every year, most of which ends up in landfill. I started using Softcup but I still had to dispose of it later. So I decided to purchase #gladragspads my purchase came with a cute carry bag, menstrual cup, and cotton panty liners. Pretty excited ! @gladragspads

Apr 28, 2018
Reusables are one way to reduce waste and make a difference for our planet. AND they save you! If you havent used reusable menstrual pads or cups, we encourage you to give them a try! Your wallet will thank you and so will the planet#earthday #earthdayeveryday #reusablesfortheplanet #Repost @gladragspads . . . #gladragspads #ditchthedisposables #choose2reuse #earthmonth #reusables #reusablemenstrualproducts #rumps #menstrualcup #clothpads #empoweredperiod #cycledork #undothetaboo

Apr 22, 2018
Happy day!!! In honor of Earth day I wanted to remind you of a few ways you can reduce waste and keep our planet B-E-A-UTIFUL! These are just a few of the awesome sustainable products that @gladragspads has to offer. Dont forget to use promo code ASHSTIEB5 to get $5 off one of these bad girls! If you want to learn more about these products, just message me and ask and we can talk about how you can get started on the road to a sustainable cycle! #happyearthday #earthday #earthday2018 #gladragspads #sustainability #reusable #motherearth

Apr 22, 2018
Check out my day pad sample from @gladragspads ! I adore organic cotton. After Learning that cotton is one of the highest chemical treated crops...I look for organic cotton when I shop. This pad can be used alone, with 1 insert or with both! Want one of your own? You can use promo code: THEGREENV5 at checkout, to get $5 off any one cloth pad/pantyliner or XO Flo cup! Theyre also having a great Earth Day sale. My affiliate > #gladragspads

Apr 20, 2018
There are a million ways to show your love for this world we live on. Choosing reusable menstrual products not only save the world from the devastation of disposables, but they're gentler on your body and wallet too! To celebrate Earth Day we're offering automatic discounts on all cloth pads, value kits, and XO Flo. No code needed. Visit for details. . . . #gladragspads #xoflo #earthday #ditchthedisposables #zerowaste #choose2reuse #loveyourmother #love #menstrualcup #clothpads

Apr 20, 2018
EARTH WEEK #GIVEAWAY, who wants a package from @gladragspads? All you have to do to enter: be brave enough to try something new &&& follow me, follow @gladragspads, comment below with your favorite color! Every year, 12 billion pads + 7 million tampons hit the landfill (where they will remain for centuries). Ladies, thats INSANE. Not to mention UNCOMFORTABLE (because all disposable feminine products are uncomfortable). Pads (dont even get me started on tampons) suck. Theyre itchy, they make noises when you move, they smell of chemicals, theyre filled with chemicals, & they leak if bent. I mean seriously, how on Mother Earth did these things actually become a thing?! The realest talk youll ever get out of me: I got an IUD when I was very young in an effort to deal with abnormal menstrual cramping. For 10 years I didnt have a period. It was great, like really great. Then it was time for a change. For the first time in my entire life (literally, I was so young prior to my Mom bought them for me) I had to buy feminine products. Their shitty-ness blew me away. They hurt, I mean actually hurt. This wasnt that long ago for me my heart aches for you young girls out there just thinking about those first few months of learning to deal. Fast forward: I dont have to deal with anything anymore. Thanks to @gladragspads! They satisfy every need I have for a product comfortable... logical even, saves money, saves the planet. The winner will be picked at random on Earth Day, this Sunday! Photo: @venomblackbird #gladragspads

Apr 19, 2018
We are coming up on Earth Day and what better way to celebrate than making the switch to a more sustainable pad? @gladragspads Organic Cotton Day Pads are the perfect way to start and try out a new line up. Theyre super soft and way comfier than any disposable Ive ever used and they come with two inserts so I can have just the right amount of protection. I cannot express to you all enough how much making this switch has changed my life. Take a chance and see if your life can change too! You just might change the world in the process. Use the code ASHSTIEB5 at to get $5 off your purchase of a pad, panty liner or XO Flo today! #earthday #sustainabilitymatters #changetheworldwithme #gladragspads

Apr 17, 2018
Here's a big idea: If just ONE person can eliminate 1,400+ tampons from hitting our landfills and beaches by choosing a menstrual cup, just think about what can happen when MILLIONS ditch the disposables and opt for reusable instead! Powerful. : : : : : : ' ' #xoflo #gladragspads #menstrualcups #periodmovement #ditchthedisposables #zerowaste #menstruation #instalove #beautiful #women #girls #makeup #womensupportingwomen #ramps #periods #yesibleed #womenhygeine #menstruationmatters #periodpains #girlboss : @gladragspads

Apr 15, 2018
For the GladRags team, 2017 was certainly a busy year! Here are some of the gems from our annual B Corporation report. Thanks for helping us use business as a force for good, everyone. #gladragspads #bcorp #bthechange

Apr 5, 2018
We recently had a customer tell us a sweet story about her 6 year old daughter. She was still a few years from getting her first period, but one night she complained about being uncomfortable down there (she said) and had noticed her moms comfy-looking cloth underwear band-aids (GladRags pantyliners!). So the mom gave her daughter a cloth pantyliner to see if that might help her daughter be more comfortable. And it did! She was thrilled and wants some of her own just because they were so soft! Her mom shared that the discomfort went away and her daughter is looking forward to getting her own stash of GladRags one day! Just in case you have a young menstruator in your life, we have a First Periods Kit. Use code REUSE2018 to save $10 on the First Periods Kit or any of our other Value Kits on . . . . #gladragspads #periodpositive #clothpads #reuse2018 #menstruationmatters

Mar 29, 2018
Jessica Kuester
Sorry boys, this ones for the ladies. Periods. Its a part of life. We all have to deal with them. Lately Ive been learning about reducing waste in the bathroom. Ive been really thinking about feminine hygiene, and what I could do about it. Ive been reading about the harsh chemicals they put in disposable pads (things like wood pulp, adhesives, artificial fragrances, chemical gels, etc..things you dont want around your lady parts) and the pad companies arent required to list those ingredients so imagine what other bad things they put in there that can harm your body. The average woman uses 12,000 to 16,000 disposable pads in their lifetime. Thats a lot of waste. So if I wanted to better for my body, and reduce my waste my options were a period cup, and cloth pads. Ive never really been a tampon wearer, they just kind of weird me out so I didnt think Id enjoy the period cup either. So I found a company called @gladragspads and after reading a little bit more about cloth pads I thought Id give it a try. I am a little nervous since this is my first time trying this but this will be saving me money and doing better for my body. So basically glad rags are hand made with 100% cotton. They were shipped to me in a 100% recycled poly mailer. And its 100% reusable because you open the bag on a perforated line, but on the inside there is an adhesive to stick it closed again! The pads were wrapped in cellulose which is a compostable eco-friendly material made from plants. I bought The cloth pad sampler kit plus. The plus is for a little bit heavier periods. Mine isnt that heavy, but like I said Im a little nervous so I wanted the more absorbent option. It came with 3 day time pads, 3 pantiliners, and one night Pad. You can choose what colors you like, but I just put the surprise me option. It also comes with a cute carry bag for your purse, I chose the cats, so that way you can carry clean/used ones in your purse in a clean discreet way. So basically you put them on top of your underwear like a disposable pad but these snap in place with a little button. The day and night pads come with inserts that slip in underneath to become more absorbent. Wish me luck!

Mar 27, 2018
Leigh Ann Stratakos
Well its only the first day of my cycle, and my first day using my new #menstrualcup from @gladragspads, but I can tell you Ive bought my last tampon. For the last decade or so Ive used cloth pads and an occasional tampon (organic, unbleached cotton with no applicator, but still wrapped in plastic) for river trips or longer hikes, but this item is a game changer. Have questions? DM me. Use my code 3MOONS5 and save $5 off any one product! . . #zerowaste #zerowasteperiod #cycles #moontime #menstruation #peoplewhomenstruate #xoflo #periods #lowwaste #periodtalk #gladrags #everyoneneedstoknowaboutthis

Mar 27, 2018
All organics are 15% off! Save on organic pantyliners, day pads, night pads, hankies, and nursing pads. No code required. Just head to our sale section and get comfy! Offer ends 4/1. #gladragspads

Mar 23, 2018
Leigh Ann Stratakos
For those who have not seen one before. Here she is! It arrived with this cute,cotton carrying case, and instructions, of course. . . #gladrags #menstrualcup #xoflo #lowwaste #zerowaste #zerowasteperiod #periods #menstrualcycle #choosetoreuse

Mar 22, 2018
The GladRags family portrait, courtesy of @zero.waste.vic #gladragspads #xoflo

Mar 21, 2018