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GladRags Cloth Pads

When choosing your GladRags, consider both the absorbency level and how much coverage you need. Our Pantyliners have the lowest absorbency and GladRags Night Pads have the highest absorbency capacity. Choose our Plus options if you typically need extra coverage or tend to leak in the front or back of your pad; these options are longer and wider than our standard Day Pads and Pantyliners to give you the protection you need. Day Pads and Night Pads each come with two inserts; use an extra insert to increase the absorbency.

Pad Style Length Width when snapped Insert Length Pad Shape Pad Absorbency
Pantyliner 6.75" 2.25" no insert
Pantyliner Plus 8" 2.75" no insert
Thong Pantyliner 8" 2.5" in middle, 1" at thinnest no insert   
Day Pad 9" 2.75" 7.5"
Day Pad Plus 11" 3" 9.25"
Night Pad 14" 3" in middle, 5" at widest


Night Pad Plus 14" 3" in middle, 5" at widest


Please note: all of our pads are proudly sewn by hand. As such, some variation will naturally occur. The sizes above are approximate.

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XO Flo Menstrual Cup

We always encourage new users to use pantyliners as back-up on their first cycle of using a menstrual cup, just in case. If you'd like more help choosing reusable cloth pads or a menstrual cup, simply get in touch with us and we can help you find the perfect products for your needs.

Most people don't find the detailed sizing information below necessary when choosing their menstrual cup.  If you're curious, or if you have specific sizing needs, the table below shows sizing specifications for XO Flo & XO Flo Mini.

  Capacity to airholes Diameter at rim Total length Length without stem
XO Flo 38 ml 45 mm 86 mm 55 mm
XO Flo Mini 31 ml 41 mm 74 mm 45 mm


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