How to use cloth pads or a menstrual cup in a public restroom

Worried about using reusable menstrual products in a public bathroom? Don’t be! First off, here are the basics:

  • For cloth pads, you'll need something to carry them in, like our Carry Bag! It's moisture-resistant, which is important since used pads aren't dry, and has 2 compartments: a zippered one for your used pads and a snap pocket for your clean ones.
  • With a menstrual cup, you'll just be removing it, emptying it into the toilet, and reinserting. No need to leave the stall! You can wash your cup later on when you're back home, or in a place where you have more privacy.

We also asked our followers to share their best advice for changing their cloth pads or using their XO Flo menstrual cup while out and about. Here are our favorite tips:

Changing cloth pads in a public restroom

“I have no issue with the pads. In fact, because they’re cloth, I love how much more discreet they are than the disposables that are very loud when removing all of the packaging! I always carry my lined dual zipper pouch; one side for clean pads, one side for used. Super easy!!” -Jamie

“I use cloth pads and usually just pop a clean one in my pocket, then switch it out for the used one. When I get back to my bag, I pop it in a cloth, paper, or reused plastic bag for safekeeping. If I don’t have pockets, I can usually tuck clean ones under my bra strap, and dirty or clean ones in the waistband of my skirt or leggings.” -Laura

“If you forget to take a carry bag in with you, fold either end of the dirty pad into the centre, locking the blood in, then snap around your undies by your hip with snaps on the outside and pad towards the body. You can then discreetly remove and slip into your bag once out of the bathroom.” -Mjia

Using a menstrual cup in a public restroom

“Wash your hands BEFORE you go into the stall!” -Carrie

“Water. Bottle. Say it with me! I fill my water bottle and take it in the stall with me.” -Rebekah

“Extra cup, water bottle and eco wet wipes! The little pouch with pads is super cute and can look like a makeup bag too.” -Destiny

“For cup, grab a damp paper towel to bring with you into the stall. Much better than TP for wiping hands after changing out the cup." -Mariana

“I carry an extra cup inside a sippy cup (so it isn’t crushed) in my purse. I just remove the cup, wipe it out, and put in the second cup.” -Amy